How to Design a Football Ticket in Adobe Photoshop

History says that football descended from the Chinese ball game named cuju, which is a version of a Japanese game known as kemari. In the present, this ball game has become one of the most played sports of today's generation. Because of its popularity, football keeps on rising as time goes by. According to Gallop's report, the United States ranked football fourth as the most viewed in all of the sports' marketability and popularity size.

Interestingly, the most awaited football match in the U.S. is the National Football League (NFL), which is the most popular professional sports league in the country. The worldwide popularity of football covered 32 percent, an increase from 28 percent of the previous years, based on the same source. There would be no question if people liked watching or playing football. Because referring to these facts, football is a well-like sport by many. If you want to organize a sports event with this magnitude, you need to focus on gathering people. With that, make a ticket that appeals to your attendees. Read the list below and make a football ticket in Microsoft Office Word.

1. Make a Compelling Concept

Along with other marketing materials, like flyers and posters, a ticket also helps in the promotion of the event to potential audiences. You may have never considered a ticket as a marketing tool, but a single ticket stub can also be a channel to advertise a football event. With this, you need to come up with a design concept that combines marketing and catches your audience's interest.

To begin with, start picking the right color scheme, font styles, and graphics elements. These elements will complete the overall appearance of your ticket and sum up the tone of the sports event. So, take the time focusing on these components.

2. Add Import Ticket Info

It is important to take note that the modern ticket's information serves as an invitation guide for the attendees to an actual football event. It is understandable if you find it easy to design a football ticket since you will be working on a small slate. But make sure to provide all the important details in it. With that, you have to include the relevant information the audience needs to know. So, include the name of the football event, football teams, time, date, and location. You already know that tickets are skimpy stubs, so don't put too many irrelevant details. If you fail on that, the ticket will be confusing and will make the wrong impression.

3. Categorize the Tickets

The main purpose of tickets is to grant the holder access to any event it is made for. With this, organizers can control and group the attendees based on the type of ticket they have. The tip of doing this is to choose from one of these ticket types: the general admission, VIP, coded discount, early-bird discount, one-day pass, coded discount, and multi-day pass.

4. Enhance Security Features

Faked tickets are a major problem to keep an eye on, especially in major football leagues. The reason for this is scamming a modern ticket becomes accessible. So, provide the highest security method as much as possible to prevent forged tickets access to the event's location. The most common security features is a barcode, but you can also use holograms, tamper-proof design, or hidden UV ink.

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