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Making Christmas Cards, Business Cards, and Greeting Cards Has Never Been This Quick with Our Free Card Templates in Apple Pages! Here at, We Have Menus, Tags, and Other Cards with Any Format Including Quarter Fold Formats. Edit Your Card Document, Sheets, and Books Card on Macs and iPads. See more

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  • Design the perfect card that suits your needs in whatever occasion you desire to use them for. How? By downloading one of our premium card templates that's fully compatible with Apple Pages for Mac. Our cards are useful for every occasion, whether you need to send an invitation to a wedding party or if you need to make ID cards for your business. Designing business or personal cards is easy when using Apple Pages. You can 100% customize, personalize, and easily edit both text and graphics in high quality with ease. Our print-ready card templates are perfect for both personal and commercial printing. Available in full-bleed 2.13x3.39 inch sizes. Do not miss any second and click the download button now! 

    How to Create Cards in Apple Pages?

    You have set the date, venue, and theme for the event, such as a catering service, but you do not have an ID pass to complete your preparation. Whatever occasion, a handmade ID card will always be useful. With careful planning and attention, you can make your DIY cards with the use of Apple Pages in Mac devices without any design knowledge. Apple Pages provides easy yet powerful tools and images in making a card that even a beginner like you can use. To discover more about card making, here are helpful tips you can consider in making one.

    1. Design Your Card

    Every creative card needs to be thought out well, so you need to plan your card. Give yourself ample time to brainstorm about the general appearance of your card — layout, illustration, typography, color schemes, quilling, etc. Also, decide your card dimensions depending on the event plan you wish to achieve. You can have it small, square, rectangular, thin, etc.

    2. Mix And Match Color Themes

    Color theory is the most essential in designing. For a card, the color gives life to it. It will guide you as to how different colors can be paired together in creating a specific emotion or interpretation. Avoid using willy-nilly colors and stick to a particular type or combination of colors.

    3. Apply Your Visual Style

    For Christmas cards, birthday cards, or greeting cards, uniqueness is an advantage. Applying a distinctive visual style would affect the overall appearance of the card. It includes illustrations, color schemes, and typography. To determine what visual style would be, do some thorough research and narrow down styles that would have the best synergy towards your personality.

    4. Choose A Defined Font

    For your card context, the font always plays an important role. Just like other design elements, typography plays a vital role. Different fonts can provoke mixed emotions. For instance, use playful and light fonts for cheerful events like birthdays, christening, wedding, etc. But remember, do not be hype in using fonts. It's essential that your font is legible. That way, you can convey your message clearly and on point.

    5. Do Not Fill Your Card With Useless Details

    Important tip — do not crowd your card. One of the main components to remember is to leave specific spaces that would allow the reader to take in the aspects of the card. Do not be afraid to leave blank spaces between texts or images. For typography, always leave space detail by detail. Do not squeeze or stack details into a cramped space as it would be hard to read.

    6. Align your Texts

    Aligning your text is essential for your context. Cards do not contain long paragraphs, so it is best to align phrases in the center of your card. Justifying your text to one side would make it look off-balance. 

    7. Choose Appropriate Paper Stock

    After making sure that you follow these steps, you can now proceed to the final step — printing your card. To print your card, choose the right paper stock to enhance the appearance of the card.