How to Create a Sample Invitation in Apple Pages

According to an online source, an average of 83% of invitees typically accept invitations while 17% of invitees decline them. This is why event invitations are important regardless if the event is formal or not. However, if you don't know where to start, simply refer to our list of guidelines below.

1. Pinpoint the Essence of Your Event

Let us start with the nature of your event. Are you putting together a birthday party, wedding ceremony, or a music festival? The essence of your event will be the highlight of your party invitation. As mentioned in The Spruce, you must choose the appropriate conversational tone to convince someone to attend a decent gathering.

2. Acknowledge the Guest of Honor

Your printable invitation should contain the name of the guest of honor. This could either be the birthday celebrant, the graduate, or the couple who is celebrating their wedding or anniversary. This will help the invitees know who they should congratulate or greet when they get to the venue of the event.

3. Highlight the Details

The specific date, time, and venue are the essential details that must not be left out from your creative invitations. Ensure that they are adequately stated so that your potential guests do not get misguided. Imagine providing them with inaccurate details and they end up going to the wrong location or at a different schedule.

4. Don't Forget the RSVP

If you're planning a formal event, then it's a must that you also send RSVP cards. A French abbreviation that translates to "please respond," it serves as a way for the guests to confirm their attendance. When including an RSVP, also indicate the date in which they should hand in their responses to allow the organizers to finalize the headcount.

5. Indicate the Dress Code

Specifying the dress code is particularly relevant when it comes to themed events, costume parties, or formal occasions. If you have a specific dress code for the event, it should be stated explicitly in your simple invitations.

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