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How To Create A Resignation Letter in Word?

AWOL— absence without leave.

Excessive absence from work without notice can be subjected to work termination and gives you a bad image as an employee to your next employers. As a worker, it's your responsibility to let your employer know what's going on with you and you have to follow your assigned work schedule. To avoid such an undesired image, end your current employment formally through creating a comprehensive and professional resignation letter.

Microsoft Word is most used by the mass in creating or customizing a simple document like the resignation letter. It has basic features that even newbies can easily comprehend. If you are planning to write a resignation letter, better spend some of your time reading and understanding these tips to help you create a professional resignation letter.

1. Include The Date And The Person To Address

Any business letter format starts with the date and the person to address. This is usually placed on the upper left part of the document. Make sure that the name is properly spelled and its position is correct.

There are various kinds of business letters. This includes but not limited to sales letters, cover letters, recommendation letters, and letters of resignation.

2. Directly Disclose Your Resignation

Don't include details that aren't relatable to your purpose of writing. Your first paragraph must include your resignation statement and specify from what position. You also add the date of when it will be effective. Always aim for a professional letter with no grammatical errors.

3. Express Your Gratitude

The second paragraph must state your gratitude in rendering service with the company for a span of time. This part tells your employer how thankful you are for the opportunity of working with them. This paragraph will somehow serve as your thank you letter within your resignation letter.

4. Offer Help For Transition

Resignation is a process. The effectiveness doesn't end with the confirmation. If you're a trainer for years in a certain company, you can offer them some of your time within your work schedule to train someone as your replacement. Apart from that, if you can help in the processing of documents, mind to include it as well.

If an employee quits too advanced than what you imagined, don't fret. It may be hard, but it's a process.

Some companies will let you render 1 month before officially letting you out of the company especially if you have an important role such as a director, manager, or executive official. However, there are cases that resignation letters demand an immediate effect depending on what's the reason.

5. End With Hopes And Desires For The Company

Always end your resignation in an optimistic tone. You have to leave a positive image before you leave. When you apply to other companies, the Human Resource (HR) of the company you'll be applying for might do a background check with your profile in your previous employment.

6. Decide Whether To Hand It Or Send It

You can personally give your printed letter to your employer or send it via email. Any of the two will do. The important thing is you need to compose a well-written resignation letter that adheres to the HR policies.

If you don't have enough time to make your own, you can also refer to our templates above. These are all editable using Microsoft Word.

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