What is a Marketing Mind Map?

A marketing mind map is a diagram of many ideas that concern the promotion of certain products and services of a specific business. These ideas are contributed to the course of brainstorming sessions conducted by designated professionals. Oftentimes, illustrations of these generated propositions are done in digital but not necessarily.

iMindQ’s Use Case: Marketing stresses that such a visual presentation helps organize the important marketing points creatively and logically, making those details easy to memorize for the constituents. With that fact, it is safe to say that mind mapping can be a huge determinant in the success of businesses’ marketing developments.

How to Create a Marketing Mind Map:

The final output of a marketing mind map is highly comprehensible that even a general audience could understand it without a problem. But before becoming so, the preparation process has to go through a lot of skims, revisions, and reviews. In addition, as complex as the marketing as a whole, sections on its advertising and their strategies could go a long way.

Clearly, mind mapping takes time to complete. It can be even more time-consuming if left unguided. It is because of this very reason that we have set a step-by-step walkthrough in creating a well-organized, concise, and creative marketing mind map chart.

1. Establish the Title

Mind maps must be made creatively. But not in terms of titles and sub-titles. When setting your planned marketing mind map’s title, you have to keep in mind that it is a visual summary of your marketing plan. Also, you must take into consideration that what you are making is for business purposes. Therefore, you have to keep your title text simple, straightforward, and in accordance with its succeeding content.

2. Organize Your Member’s Suggestions

It has been indicated above that a mind map consists of contributed ideas. So before you include the approved propositions, you have to put them in order to mitigate or completely avoid future confusion. You can start by placing the different aspects of your subject then narrow them down to the lists of either their executions or other matters alike.

3. Set a Theme for Your Presentation

This is where you get to use your creativity. For sure, you will be bewildered of all the theme ideas you can find over the internet. However, you have to remember that your future audience will be professionals, such as managers, sponsors, investors, and more. Consequently, we highly suggest you stick to the basic icons, colors, and shapes for your design elements. If you wish to add images, then it is best to choose the ones that relate to business.

4. Choose Your Presentation Platform

After you have completed your marketing mind map’s layout, prepare to have your diagram presented to an audience. In today’s generation, most presenters use various digital means. The most common software that is used in presenting includes Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynotes. Unlike the aforementioned software, Microsoft Word is less likely to be used. Nonetheless, it can be used in presentations.

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