Whether it’s a promotion of your consultation service or sales marketing for your real estate agency, it’s important to rake in as much exposure for your brand or business as possible. One way to effectively do so is by making use of advertising flyers. That’s why we’re here to provide our diverse library of Ready-made Marketing Templates for you to look through! From our wide array of sample templates, you’ll find that each design is 100% customizable and easy-editable; they come in either A4 or US letter sizes and available to alter in Microsoft Word, helping you save time and making them convenient to print out. Have a look and put together your own beautifully-designed pamphlet!

How to Make a Marketing Flyer in Word

Cut down on a lot of unnecessary hassle and time-wasting from creating a flyer from scratch by making use of Microsoft Word and our varied set of Ready-made Marketing Templates! If you need a guide on how to do so, then just follow our easy steps below.

1. Nab Yourself a Subscription to Microsoft Word

With Microsoft Word, editing any of our many flyer templates is a snap! Word comes with all the necessary tools you’ll need to customize your very own spiffy brochure to spread the word about what you have to offer, whether it be through physical print-outs or emails! To get your virtual hands on Word, pay a visit to Microsoft’s digital store online to find it. When you get there, you’ll have to subscribe to their Office 365 package (containing Word and other programs) by picking from one of the monthly rates to register to. Microsoft also offers to separately buy Word on its own, which lets you install the program on one computer per purchase.

But what if you don’t even want to use Microsoft Word for editing your marketing flyer? What if you would prefer to grab something else from a different publisher instead? Well, Word comes with all that’s required to use for customizing our templates that already come with their own neat graphic designs on them; by only needing Word’s ability to easily add and edit written content with its expansive roster of font styles to choose from, relying on something like an art and design program would be needless. And if you still need more convincing, then try it out for no charge by taking up Microsoft’s free trial offer for a whole week and start making those flyers before having to commit to a subscription!

2. Fire Up Microsoft Word After Installation

After installing Word, you should first run it and get familiar with its inner workings before picking out a design from our collection. Within the program’s window, there’s a blank white canvas occupying the majority of the space, accompanied by the different tools and accessories that line the borders around the empty sheet. You’ll see that Word’s simple user interface is easy and direct to understand, giving you no trouble to navigate through and find each feature.

3. Search for the Right Template

So, Microsoft Word is simple enough to use, right? Now it’s time to go through our gallery of templates to decide on a design.

While perusing the page, you can click on a template’s thumbnail to open its respective page in a new browser tab. Once you’ve decided, simply use the said link and save the file onto your computer.

4. Customize Your Template

Did you download a template yet? Open up the file in Word and you can now start editing. As mentioned earlier, our templates already have pre-rendered graphic designs on them (along with placeholder text), so all you really need to do is add whatever text or dialog you need with Word’s many font styles to choose from!

5. Never Forget to Save

When you’ve completed your work, just save it and your flyer is ready. You won’t miss a beat on updating the public by utilizing Microsoft Word and our Ready-made Marketing Templates!

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