How to Make a Marketing Roadmap in Word

Marketing professionals can attest that their jobs require a lot of thinking. Laura Lake presented the backbone of marketing to help us understand how to successfully promote one's products and/or services. In order to properly market what you have to offer, you'll need to plan out everything from how you're going to do it to who you're going to market to. If you need something that can help you with that, then use the tips below to make the best marketing roadmap for all of your future marketing efforts:

1. Order the Direction of the Project

Every project should have a plan and those that involve marketing are not an exception. With that said, you'll need to be able to understand the direction of your project. This question is simple, but has answers that may be difficult to find: What are the things needed to launch the project? Write down what you need to have and do that will make your marketing efforts a success.

2. Group Parallel Functions

With your list of the things you need to do, you'll want to group them in accordance with the categories they fall under. For example, the first group of tasks can be classified as digital marketing tasks while another group is labeled as physical distribution. This makes every part of the roadmap clear in terms of what has to be done and it simplifies the flow of things.

3. Shape the Roadmap

Make use of appropriate shapes that will illustrate the process flow of the marketing project. You can use objects from Word’s clipart library or the shapes from the tool menu in the editing software you're using to draw the roadmap. Consider changing the orientation style of the document so that you'll be able to fit all the information you need to show.

4. Modify the Roadmap to a Marketing Tool

Show off what you got as a marketing professional by adding graphic modifications to the roadmap. Use objects and colors to come up with a good design. Be sure that you come up with a simple design as one that has too many visual elements can be detrimental to your roadmap.

5. Check Your Roadmap

Once you're done with everything, you'll need to check the content of your roadmap matches that of your marketing plan before printing and presenting it to whoever you need to. If you see that there's any lacking content, or if there are mistakes that you may have missed, be sure to fix that little problem immediately.

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