How to Design a Marketing Letter in Microsoft Word

Nowadays, there are numerous ways of advertising your business in the market. Aside from digital marketing, people are still using the advantages of the traditional way of advertising. Perhaps you may take a look at the advantages of using a marketing letter as your business marketing tool. According to the published article on the Chron website, marketing letters are 34 times more effective than email, considering that this marketing tool garners the response rate of 3.5%.

So, if you find struggles in making a marketing tool, you may refer to our proposed guides below.

1. Gather some Reference

In making an effective marketing letter, it will be better to plan for its details. But if you find it hard to generate ideas that you want to implant in making this document, we suggest that you gather some useful references. Using references will be a big help for you, especially if you don’t have background knowledge in making this document. Aside from generating ideas, referring to letter samples will act as your guide. This step will assure you that you’re doing the right thing in making your letter.

2. Consider your Audiences

Identifying your target audience is a must in writing your marketing letter. Never forget that at the end of the day, they are the people who will be reading your marketing letter. Therefore, you should keep the content details of your letter appropriate for your target market. In doing this, you should make your content simple but interesting.

3. Plan the Content

The content of your sample letter must contain the necessary details about your company’s offer. Aside from that, it should be well organized and formulated well so that your audience can understand easily. It will be a wise idea to create first a draft of your letter’s content. Using the draft, you will have ease in organizing the content of your marketing letter before you produce its final output. Also, keep in mind to make your letter straight to the point and avoid unnecessary details. In doing this, your audience can easily identify your intentions in making this document.

4. Keep the Content Consistent

One of the most important things that you should remember in writing your letter’s content is consistency. Practicing consistency in your content will make it more engaging in a formal way. It assures your audiences that you know what you input in your simple letter. Aside from consistency, there are also possible ways to make your marketing letter effective. One of these is using guaranteed deals. For instance, you may propose in your letter a money-back guarantee if your customer wasn't satisfied with your products. In applying this, you show to your customer that you’re confident enough, and you are also giving them an assurance that is a favor to their side.

5. Make it Simple

Unlike flyers, brochures, and other printed marketing tools, marketing letters don't require to have bunches of design details. It is advisable to make it simple to be appropriate for your target market. However, if you want to be creative in making a simple letter for your audiences, then you may use a ready-made template in crafting it. Using templates that are customizable in software apps like Microsoft Word will give you convenience in making your marketing letter.

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