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How to Create a Marketing Organizational Chart in Word

What should we expect in the marketing industry in the coming years? Perhaps, we can assume that marketing agencies and firms will double their effort in hiring intellectual individuals. The future for the marketing industry is bright. But part of its claims on success, there are fundamental problems in the marketing industry that organizations go through. Typically, it includes disorganized duties and responsibilities, and the lack of implementation of tasks. This type of situation widely impacts business development. So, what will firms do? Businesses follow the same rule. That is to structure the organization’s chain of command appropriately. Below are the steps that you can follow to create a fully-functional Marketing Organizational Chart in Word. 

1. Know Your Staff Members 

Before you start creating your marketing structure, make sure to gather information about your members. Collect the names of every individual from each of the departments. We suggest you prepare your notes with you. Jot down their names and positions. With that, you will need to gather your team around. Doing this process will help you organize them when plotting the structure. Now, keep your notes for the following steps. 

2. Pick a Template 

Next, prepare an organizational chart template. To do this, you can either create from a blank document or download a preformatted template. Creating one from scratch gives you the freedom to work on your chart. But, if you can’t afford to waste so much time, download a Marketing Organizational Chart Template from our website. You can also customize it with your preference. In doing so, use the software you are most comfortable with. When you choose to use Word, load your downloaded template from the Manage list. Wait and start editing. 

3. Organize every Department 

After preparing a layout, organize every division by creating major divisions. Below every major division, incorporate the following sub-divisions or positions. For example, you put the label “Digital Marketing” department as the primary division. Then, create sub-divisions below, such as “content writing”, “email marketing” and “social media marketing”. In this way, you can quickly determine the responsibilities of every department. Do this by clicking on every shape. Add a Text box from the Insert tab. Then drag it towards where you want to place your text. Always remember to keep the text short. 

4. Incorporate Other Elements 

You can always beautify your chart. Be creative, but keep it minimal. Change the colors to your desires. Aside from that, you can change the font style. Make sure it’s readable. MS Word offers a variety of font styles you can choose. But when in doubt, don’t hesitate to use Arial. Most organizational charts use it to keep the simplicity and professionalism. Don’t forget to add your company logo at the topmost part of your layout. 

5. Review and Publish 

Now, you have more tasks to do. After incorporating all the details, review your work. Go through each row and column of your layout. But, you can always ask some leaders from every marketing department to recheck the chart. Once done, print your document. Disseminate and discuss it with your team.