Marketing can be a hectic part of business operations, from formulating marketing strategies to creating advertising materials. It also involves setting dates and following schedules. A calendar is a great tool for keeping track of dates. Want to have a customized calendar? Check out our Marketing Desk Calendar Templates in Microsoft Word. Work smart and avoid having to start from scratch with our ready-made templates. You can choose a template and customize it as you please. You can also download it on your computer with just a few clicks. Create a wonderfully designed calendar with the help of our original, professionally made templates today.

What is a Marketing Desk Calendar

The marketing industry is one of the most heavily invested business sectors, accounting for 560 billion dollars in 2019, according to Statista. Reaching out to people and convincing them to purchase your products or avail your services is one of the main objectives of marketing. As such, you will also need a way to keep track of important dates. Thus, you could use a calendar. A calendar is a system of arranged dates. It allows you to tell the present date.

How to Make a Marketing Desk Calendar

Nowadays, calendars are conveniently available anywhere. You can find it on your wall, on your computer and your mobile device. It would be quite easy to make your own calendar. If you are interested about making marketing calendars, you can check the tips below.

1. Choose a Layout

If you want to personalize your calendar, then you should choose a layout. Your layout will decide how your calendar would look in general. To make it more attractive, you should choose a theme for your calendar it would guide the graphic design of your calendar.

2. Gather Materials

To put your calendar together, you should gather materials that will "spice up" your desk calendar. It could be photos, or illustrations anything that is pleasing to the eyes.

3. Include the Regular Holidays

A calendar will always have marked holidays. Make sure you include the holidays typically found a calendar, for example, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

4. Include Your Own Events

You can also mark your planned events and schedules on the calendar.

5. Finalize and Print

After finishing the calendar design, you can print it. With that, your desk calendar is ready for use.

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