Money Vouchers Templates

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Cashless transactions have long been practiced in the society. There are so many ways and means on how a person can buy his/her wants and needs without paying through actual cash. One good way of transacting is through money vouchers. Businesses and companies are using money vouchers as a form of payroll, gift cards, and allowances because it is fast, easy, and reliable. If you want to create one, we have money voucher templates specially made to suit your preferences. All templates are 100% customizable and fully editable, making it easy for you personalize. You may download these voucher templates through Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages. Save up time and save up money! Sign up in our subscription plan and get your template today!

What is a Money Voucher?

A money voucher is a valuable card formal document that allows someone to buy certain goods, products, or services. It also serves as an invoice receipt or proof that a monetary transaction has occurred between two parties. Money vouchers can also come in the form of gift cards and/or vouchers.

A voucher is also a type of coupon that allows a person to purchase something for less or no money, even tuition to a school or travel and transport expenses. In a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, it shows that 78% of voucher-users feel positivity towards the business brand who offers it as an incentive, and 62% feel that offering vouchers improve company’s branding. 

How to Create a Money Voucher

money voucher template

Money vouchers are commonly given in lieu of monetary cash. In a personal setting, money vouchers are given as a present on occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. In a more formal or business setting, money vouchers are given for payroll and bonus purposes. They can also be used as a coupon for supermarket shopping, prize cash, rewards, among other purposes. 

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to conduct fast and easy transactions, you should really consider making a money voucher for your staff, employees, customers, and/or business partners. Study the items below and it will guide you through the process of making a printable voucher.   

1. Choose a Design and Layout

A money voucher should have the appropriate design and layout based on its purpose. Identify if the voucher will be awarded as a personal gift voucher or as proof of a business transaction. Clear out your objective as to whom to voucher is for. Through this, you can decide on the overall look and layout of the design project.   

2. Indicate the Offered Amount

The exact amount to be granted should be written out boldly on the voucher for easier identification. The specified amount offer of the voucher depends on the purpose and act of the act of giving the promotion voucher. Take note that, the currency must always be present as money vouchers can be exchanged and used in other countries also. 

3. Include the Terms and Conditions

Write down all the terms and conditions on how the voucher can be redeemed by the recipient. This section will also serve as a guideline of instructions on the expiration date and the exchange specifics. Some money voucher indicates that the cash should be redeemed in one go, like grocery or gift shopping vouchers. Meanwhile, other money vouchers have can be consumed in a longer timeframe, like in school education programs.  

4. Arrange the Content then Proofread

Go over the layout and arrange everything in a logical manner. The money voucher should be well-designed in a manner that it uses the suitable fonts, color scheme, spacing, etc. For a brilliant use of space, you can always utilize the front and back portion of the cash voucher. Review the content to avoid any misunderstandings. 

5. Proceed to Printing

Now that you have everything ready, you can finally print the editable vouchers. You can always print at the comfort of using your own printer or you may go to a print shop and hire them to do it for you. Use high-quality paper as it can deliver better printing results. Remember to save up an extra copy of your format for future use.