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What Is a Voucher?

You can think of these in a similar manner to gift cards in which its main purpose is to entitle a person to exchange it for goods or to give them discounts on certain products and/or services. People often purchase these from certain shops so that they may then proceed to hand it over to another individual who may greatly benefit from it.

How to Make a Voucher in PSD

1. Open Up Adobe Photoshop

You'll need to start by opening up Adobe Photoshop and then clicking on the New Document dialogue. From there you'll be given different categories to choose from and whichever you choose will direct you to a list of templates to choose from. Look for anything from gift vouchers to discount vouchers until you've decided on which one you want to use.

2. Know What the Voucher Is Meant to Do

There are many reasons as to why business vouchers or cards make for great presents. However, what benefits they bring is determined by those that are responsible for their creation. So when you decide to make one, will it be used to provide discounts on certain items? Will it be used as an alternative to cash in order to purchase goods? You'll have to decide so that you'll know exactly what information you'll want your voucher to display.

3. Think of an Attractive Design

You'll want to make your simple voucher look attractive as it's most likely going to be presented as a gift from one individual to another. Think about things such as whether or not you should use pictures or what kind of color the background should have. If you want a good idea as to what kind of design you should go for, then you may check out the many different samples of whatever voucher you want to make either online or right here in our very own site.

4. Put In What It Needs

Now you'll have to type in all the information that you want your voucher to present. Emphasize what the voucher specifically does by having its description in a slightly larger text and by placing it in an area like the center where it'll immediately catch the eye of the individual. Then you'll want to provide spaces where one can place the name of the person who purchased the sample voucher and the name of the other who will be receiving it. Also, don't forget to include any conditions regarding how the voucher should be used and the duration of its validity.

5. Place Information About Your Company

Lastly, you'll have to type in the name of your business as well as place its logo into the voucher. This is to ensure that the individual knows exactly where it originated from and it helps spread the brand. Also, include the company's complete address and contact details at either the front or back of the editable voucher and make sure that its text size is small compared to the rest.

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