Choose from our wide variety of voucher templates you can download instantly for your advertising needs. Get to create a voucher that serves as a promotional tool for your products or services. We have a multitude of professional designs for any purpose including family discounts, gifts, wine vouchers, and even music lessons! They are easy-editable and fully compatible with all versions of MS Publisher. Available in 8.5x4 inches with bleed. These files are expertly designed with the customer in mind. They make use of high-quality layout, artwork, images, and fonts. Provide a lucrative social service and attract customers to your establishment with our 100% customizable Ready-made Voucher Templates!

How to Make Vouchers in Publisher

With Microsoft Publisher and our Ready-made Voucher Templates by your side, you won’t have to worry any longer about designing an eye-catching coupon or stub for your promotion from scratch; whether you’re running an independent photography service or an international chain of classy 5-star hotels!

1. A Design to Compliment Your Promo

Now, depending on what kind of deal or offer that you’re trying to advertise, you’ll want to make sure that the aesthetics of the coupon or voucher compliment it well -- it’s important that the design doesn’t just look fancy. With our plethora of useful editable voucher templates, you won’t have to worry about being short on choices.

We’ve laid out our templates neatly throughout our many catalog pages to make it easy for you to peruse. Scroll through and have a look at each respective template’s thumbnail that contains a small preview image plus their names just underneath. If you spot a thumbnail that you’re interested in, you can find out more about the template by left-clicking on that thumbnail and a new tab should open in your browser. Within the newly-opened page, to your left, you can find one or a handful of preview pictures of the template that you can zoom in on. To the right side, you’ll see a list that’s marked as ‘Template Details’ which contains information regarding the template file (color model, DPI resolution, etc.); you can click on ‘More Details’ to see the entirety of the list.

2. Save Your Chosen Template

Have you decided on a design for your sample voucher yet? You can find a large button labeled as ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ in your desired template’s page, to the right of the preview images. Click on the provided download button and simply follow some quick steps to save your template file onto your computer’s storage.

3. Fire up Microsoft Publisher

After you have your new template downloaded and ready to go, run Microsoft Publisher and open up your template file to get to editing. Since each one of our templates already contains premade content, you won’t need to do too much to get the business voucher ready for printing.

It’s important that your written content is attractive but also readable. To start off, do any needed removal/replacing of the placeholder text; when adding new text, make sure to match the font’s color and style with the overall design of the template. Next, input any necessary information about your promo into the provided fillable areas while still being aware of what color and style to use. Don’t forget to do checks on spelling and grammar.

4. Further Customization

Microsoft Publisher gives you the ability to add your own pictures to your printable voucher template, so go ahead and insert whatever imagery you may need to better-illustrate your promotion. In addition, Publisher has an integrated cloud-saving feature and can directly import pictures from online image albums (such as Flickr), making it a snap to manage your template and access whatever you need for editing!

5. Save Your New Voucher

After any finishing touches, don’t forget to save your changes and the template is good to go. Rake in those customers for your spiffy business with the use of Microsoft Publisher and our Ready-made Voucher Templates!

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