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What is a Cash Voucher?

A cash voucher is a valuable card document issued by a company or organization when its employees or members want to loan, withdraw, or use their petty cash funds. An employee can also use a cash voucher whenever they ask for reimbursement of the expenses they paid using their own money as long as they attach a receipt on the cash voucher. Overall, the preparation of petty cash vouchers has the purpose to authorize petty disbursements properly.

How to Make a Cash Voucher

cash voucher template

Cash vouchers may seem easy to make, given the fact that it is small in size. But, it will require your effort and enough time. To help you make your cash vouchers, we present you with some information that you may use as a reference. Check them out below!

1. Decide on the Format

First off, you must decide on how you want your cash voucher to look. Whether you want to have it in portrait or landscape. But, just a little fact about cash vouchers, it is always in the landscape format. Either way, make sure that all the essential details will fit in your cash voucher regardless of the format.

2. Create a Design and Layout

There are different types of vouchers, and you can each determine them base on their designs. For travel vouchers, it is imperative to create designs that are attractive and engaging since that will capture the interests of your audience. However, in a business setting where cash vouchers are used for credit, debit, money transfer, or anything that involves accounting transactions, designs will never matter. So, in designing your cash vouchers, make sure not to overdo it. Remember, a cash voucher is a formal and valuable document that does not present itself through designs. So, keep your designs and layouts as simple as possible.

3. Use a Cash Voucher Template

If you think you cannot make a perfect cash voucher, you can always make use of a ready-made one. Using a printable template provides convenience since you don't have to create the design, layout, and format. To help you look for the perfect template, we offer you a variety of best cash voucher templates in Just download the template that suits your needs. We guarantee that all our templates are editable in multiple formats, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Apple Pages, and Microsoft Publisher. Use the format that you are confident in using.

4. Add the Necessary Information

Cahs vouchers have spaces for critical details like the voucher number, date, amount, name of the receiver, name of the payee, and signature. You may also put a space for the address. And if you want, you may write your business or organization name and company logo. Whatever you like, make sure you write all the necessary information first.

5. Print and Keep

Once you have everything ready, take the time to review and edit your cash vouchers formal document. When you are satisfied and confident that your cash vouchers are errorless, then you can already proceed to the printing process. If you are going to print the cash vouchers yourself, make sure you the best paper stock to ensure the quality of your cash vouchers. After that, you can save and keep your cash vouchers.

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