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How to Make Vouchers in Apple Mac Pages

A voucher is a small redeemable piece of paper that gives the owner a right for discounts and freebies or something that is used for the exchange of goods and services. A discount voucher contains a monetary value that is only used as a ticket to be spent for specific purposes. Vouchers elaborate on the discounts and freebies that help the business organizations to promote and influence purchases that are being offered to the target customers. It is also known as a coupon or a receipt that is used as an authentication for services and expenditure that will be made. Vouchers are usually used as a gift, payment, petty cash, etc. Examples also include travel, spa, birthday offers, beauty treatments, and so on.

In the business, business people usually create a gift voucher to entice the target customers. Voucher are not always printed, but it may also come in a digital form to present a series of codes. However, if you are aiming to make a printed voucher, you can use your Apple Mac Pages for you to make the process. Here are the following steps on how you can make your valid vouchers.

1. Be Specific with the Design Theme

First, you have to be specific with your voucher's design theme. Your design theme may depend on the special occasion of the year, or it could be reflecting your business's image. Take for example if you want to have good sales throughout the holiday season, you can use the Christmas voucher theme for your voucher's design theme.

2. Identify Your Offer

After choosing the design theme, the second thing that you must do is to identify your main offer for your sample voucher. You may provide seasonal discounts or freebies. Remember, when deciding your voucher's main offer, you have to be true to your words and make sure that your business can provide what it guarantees.

3. Collect the Design Elements for Your Voucher

For your third move, you can now begin by collecting all the design elements that you want to include in your food voucher. The following design elements include all of the graphic images that you'd wish to incorporate, layout designs, font styles, illustrations, and others. Make sure that these design elements relate to the central theme that you have chosen.

4. Download a Gift Voucher Template

Not everyone is being provided with graphic editing skills, and not everyone has the time to design a voucher. For your convenience, you may download one of the editable voucher templates that you can find online. There are a lot of examples that are embedded on the internet, and that includes this site. Choose the best voucher design that best matches your central theme and the following design elements that you have collected from the third step. These templates can be customizable for Apple Mac Pages and other convenient applications.

5. Print It Out and Distribute

For the last step, you may start printing out your simple voucher designs on high-quality paper stock or cardstock. After printing, you can begin distributing your vouchers for free, or you can also sell them at a lower price.

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