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Vouchers have many uses. Many businesses often use vouchers to build customer loyalty and provide a flexible way for your customers to purchase a gift for someone from your store. In this website, we offer a wide array of high-quality and printable Voucher Templates complete with 100% customizable content to give a hassle-free editing experience. The best thing about our template files is that you are given a variety of options to choose from because we offer not just vouchers, but we also have templates for gift cards, tickets, receipts, and invoices that might be useful for you in the future. Fully customize these templates in Adobe Illustrator by downloading them today!

How To Create Vouchers In Illustrator

Vouchers are commonly printed pieces of paper that are worth a specific monetary value and may be spent in exchange for particular goods and services. Discounts, gifts, and food vouchers are just some of the many forms where a voucher can be used and applied. The term voucher is often associated with coupons, which are also vouchers that entitle the holder with discounts on certain products. Learn how you can create modern vouchers in Adobe Illustrator that can be used for your business by reading and applying the following tips that we have presented below.

1. Start with Details

One of the essential elements of a voucher is its content; that's why you have to identify them first in your voucher making. Be sure to include your branding logo, discount offers, name of the voucher, and some contact details about your business. The sample voucher's details may sometimes vary depending on how it is used, but the details mentioned above are the basic ones that you should include. Make sure to make these details visible and legible for your customers.

2. Plan the Design Concept of Your Voucher

Deigns are just as important as the details when it comes to vouchers. Typically, vouchers are designed to at least have some colors and one image. These design methods are prevalent now when it comes to vouchers, particularly spa, drinks, and restaurant vouchers, because they are most likely to catch the eye of the customer. Incorporate an image that fits perfectly with the type of voucher you are making because more people would likely respond to them compared to vouchers with generic images. Conceptualize a design concept regarding the Color Theory to help you achieve a compelling one.

3. Set Expiration Dates for Your Vouchers

Did you know that 83% of consumers admitted that they tend to make unplanned purchases whenever they are presented with promotions? The best way to take advantage of this behavior is to create some urgency with your simple voucher offers. Simply do this by creating a deadline on your vouchers, such as "5-hour flash sale" or "first 50 customers receive 30% off." By making your offer appear more limited, you can significantly increase your sales redemption rate.

4. Print It In High-Quality Papers

Always consider high-quality papers for the final print outs of your vouchers. By doing so, you make your voucher appear more credible and legit, as well as to avoid any damages that may happen to it. Whether it's vouchers, gift certificates, or even coupon or vouchers books, printing it out in the appropriate and durable paper material would lead to the best results and high-quality print outs for you.

5. Track Your Vouchers

Did you know that 92% of consumers identify themselves as an active voucher user? And who knows, maybe some of your vouchers might also be availed of these consumers. If you want to track the activity of your business vouchers, then designing it with trackable codes and numbers is the right thing to do. Just prepare some budget for it because it'll surely be quite costly to do.