How to Create Annual Reports in Portable Document Format (PDF)

Annual reports are comprehensive reports and publications issued by both profit-oriented and nonprofit companies to the stakeholders, creditors, and regulatory organizations. Typically, reports may contain cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, and footnotes. It often has a letter addressed to stakeholders and creditors, comments, audit reports, and schedules. Preparation and disclosure of such annual reports are required in most jurisdictions, especially those companies that are listed in a stock exchange.

Drafting an annual report by yourself is pretty exhausting and taxing. Why stress yourself out if you can do it hassle-free? By utilizing our ready-made annual report templates in portable document format (PDF), create a much comprehensive yearly progress report to submit. To help you with your work, follow the simple steps below:

1. Choose an Annual Report Template

To help you make your annual report with ease and confidence, we have provided you a list of annual report templates already. From the list, choose which template are you going to use and customize. Everything is made easy for you from the downloading part to the editing process. It’s for free, so why don’t you give it a try.

2. Provide Accurate Financial Information

Annual reports are expected to contain thorough and accurate information, especially when you are to present financial data in a given year. When dealing with complicated information, you may want to use graphs or charts to simplify the data and make them more understandable for the stakeholders. Remember that annual reports, in general, include an income statement, financial summary, cash flow statement, and a balance sheet; although, the large portions of your annual reports should be devoted to financial statements and accompanying notes.

3. Highlight Company’s Achievements

When we speak of annual reports, we’re not just dealing with financial report or statement whatsoever. Another thing that you need to include is the company’s achievement for one year. Results may not only be limited to financial matters, but to some extent, must consist of accomplishments like research advances and market share gains. In writing the achievements, make sure to summarize the information and provide only the necessary details.

4. Market the Organization or Company

Annual reports aren’t focused on one financial aspect only. These documents can also serve as avenues to market the business, the company, or the organization itself. It also introduces the company to potential clients, investors, and employees. Thus, it’s still important to submit a creative one with the best business report design. Design it in a way that is appealing to the eyes with the use of the right colors, photographs, and fonts.

5. Include Projected Plans

Although most annual reports tackle the past year’s achievements of the company, it’s also best to include future plans, new products, and future research and development programs. The projected plans would provide stakeholders and clients with a clear idea of the company’s journey and directions. It will surely help them with investment decisions.

6. Review the Annual Report before the Deadline

Before submitting the annual reports, take time to proofread it and review if there are errors. It’s a doorway to perfection, or in this manner, to produce excellent and comprehensive annual reports. In the process of reviewing the reports, it’s best to have people with you to help you curate and make necessary corrections.

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