How to Create a Restaurant Legal Document in Google Docs

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, small businesses spend an estimated amount of $5,000 to settle a legal issue. It’s equivalent to approximately 10 percent of the small business’s average income. And it can really hurt your pocket if you’re faced with this kind of matter.

Hence, when you enter into a contractual agreement, make sure that you secure a legal document to bind all the parties together. Get to write a legal document for your restaurant by following some steps below.

1. Specify the Document

You can write a non-disclosure agreement, confidentiality agreement, business proposal, legal notice, and other legal forms. And these documents should be planned and well-written. These documents also have different formats, so you must specify the document that you want to write.

2. Use a Readable Font

Writing a legal document is not the same as writing a restaurant menu or a simple job application form. Use a legal font such as Times New Roman so it won't just look formal, but it will be easy to read for everyone to read your purchase agreement or other legal documents.

3. Utilize Google Docs

Google Docs makes it easy to connect online with other concerned parties while you work with your legal document.

4. Omit Slang Words

Your aim is to be understood by your potential business partner. When using words, it’s important to simplify your terms; however, observed formality and avoid using slang words as this is a legally-binding document. Also, although this is a legal document, you should limit the use of legal jargon because not all of your readers are lawyers.

5. Divide Parts Into Sections

For your client to understand your point, it’s recommended to separate each thought of your document into different sections. You can create a checklist so you don’t forget anything valuable.

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