How to Make Restaurant Meeting Minutes in Google Docs

Restaurants of all types need coordinated staff members for optimal operations. So, the next time you set up a team discussion, be sure you have meeting minutes prepared afterward. According to The Balance (a career-based online resource), meeting minutes are logs containing accurate details about a meeting’s topics and agendas. Therefore, it’s a good idea that such notes are distributed to restaurant staff after you discuss work-related matters.

Do you need some help with drafting restaurant meeting minutes on your own? If so, then read our tips (below) and find out how to do so using Google Docs!

1. Format Your Restaurant Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are formal work-related documents, which means putting together them in a proper layout.

With a fresh document opened up and ready in Google Docs, apply a margin for bordering all of your written content. Adjust the margins to 1 inch in length by click-dragging the blue handles and grey bars in the rulers (above and to the left of your page’s space).

2. The First Segment in Your Restaurant Meeting Minutes

The first part of your document is the title, which is located at the top (within the margin). Think of something short yet descriptive for the title, making it pertain to the meeting minutes’ contents. Additionally, include your business’ name as well. It should resemble something like “John Doe Cuisine -- Monthly Shift Assignment.”

Following that, write down the attendee names along with the meeting’s venue, time, and date.

3. What Was Discussed During Your Restaurant Meeting?

The next part of your meeting minutes contains the various topics that were talked about. When writing about each discussion, summarize them into a list. Improve the list’s readability by going with either a bulleted or numbered format.

4. Your Restaurant Meeting’s Actions and Other Occurrences

Now that you’ve put together a list of meeting topics, it’s time to mention the different events too. Only focus on the most significant parts when drafting this part. Things like consensus votes and spontaneous topics are some examples that are worth considering. Besides that, include some closing remarks as well (absentees, followup schedule, etc.).

Now that you’ve taken in all of our tips, preparing restaurant meeting minutes will now be a lot less of a hassle! However, if you need content that you can customize for your writing, then check out our Restaurant Meeting Minutes Templates!

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