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How to Creates a Restaurant Plan in Google Docs

A restaurant business is a lot of work. From creating a startup floor plan to business planning, it’s exhausting. Hence, it’s not always for everyone. According to CNBC, 60% of new restaurants are unsuccessful and eventually fail within the first year. Additionally, 80% of them don’t even reach five years.

If you don’t want to be one of these unfortunate business owners, you have to plan out ahead of time. Whether it’s a fast-food restaurant, pizza house, or fine dining, preparing a restaurant plan is a necessity. Read our tips below on how you can create a feasible restaurant plan.

1. Decide the Concept of Your Restaurant

Choose what type of restaurant you have in your mind. This includes the kind of food you want to serve, the service style, and the ambiance. Deciding for your restaurant concept will be your key to branding your business.

2. Create Your Menu

When you already have your restaurant concept, you can now decide the type of food you will serve to your target market. Your menu will be your roadmap in choosing the supplies, equipment, and staff to help you out.

3. Write a Business Plan

A business plan will help you in reaching out to a potential business partner or investor who will help you in building your dream business. It can also help you in formulating your market management, marketing strategy, and funding, among others.

4. Choose a Suitable Location

There are various considerations when choosing the right location for your restaurant. These include demographic, accessibility, and competitors. The location should match the need of your target market.

5. Design a Marketing Strategy

How do you want to promote your business? This is a question you need to answer when thinking of your marketing strategy. You can use social media, blogs, websites, or printed campaign materials to entice more people.

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