An organization like restaurants are often divided into groups and subgroups of employees sorted accordingly. With that, laying out an organizational structure would enhance the relationships of the employees that would result in a smooth workflow. So, to have a printed guideline on the company's structure, you need a well-outlined and well-sorted organizational chart. To start making one for your fast food restaurant now, download one of our Restaurant Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs. Guaranteed that our templates have original suggestive headings and content, our templates are professionally written and industry-compliant. Needless to say, our templates are available in A4 & US Letter sizes. Download now and sort the partnership of your restaurant!

How to Make a Restaurant Organizational Chart in Google Docs

According to the Gallup Organization, employees who have close friends at work are seven times to be likely committed in their respective positions. In fact, the employee's professional relationships toward each other are emphasized at all times. Also, executives avoid the superiority and inferiority complex wherein one of the others is disadvantageous. Needless to say, professionalism and respect towards the higher oppositions and vice versa must be imposed. So, for your cafe or hotel restaurant, you need to make an organizational chart for the employees to know as to where they belong. Make one now by following these useful tips:

1. Pick the Right Organizational Chart Type

Take a step back and take your time in mentally planning your chart. When you start making your restaurant organizational chart, the first thing that you need to consider is what organizational chart to use. The type of organizational chart that you would use must reflect on your business strategy. For your restaurant, a matrix organizational chart is recommended. A matrix organizational chart is a type of chart wherein there is more than one manager. It is advantageous for restaurateurs as mostly, a restaurant must have two or more managers.

2. Focus on Roles and Responsibilities

In coming up with your sample chart, do not focus on the position, instead, highlight its duties and responsibilities. Start brain dumping and think about the primary role of each position. For instance, if you wanted to sort out your kitchen employees, ask yourself: does this position can make decisions for the restaurant? If not, you might need to reorganize and reassign the tasks to other positions eligible for them.

3. Divide your Employees

Whether you are owning a small cafe or a large restaurant, assigning multiple employees to one supervisor is a burden for the latter. Regardless of how they are the best in managing the employees, there is a limit as to how many can they handle. Preferably, a good role of thumb for each of your restaurant manager is five to seven employees in your company chart. In that way, your managers would not be in a bottleneck position that would cause them not to function properly.

4. Come up with Design Orientation

Designing your organizational chart is as crucial as coming up with its content. Remember that it is accessible to everyone, so a mediocre design orientation would turn off the employees. Also, designs do play a role in the overall structure of your organizational chart. Use a variety of complementing colors for every position for distinction. But, if you wanted a preformatted design plus the proper arrangement of chart elements, you can download one of our restaurant organizational chart templates. Downloadable in Google Docs, our templates can be the solution to your dilemma. You can easily save money, time, and effort in making your organizational chart as it is 100% customizable and easily editable.

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