How to Create a Sample Schedule in Apple Pages

Time is the only resource we can not afford to buy, but we often waste it or use it ineffectively. The University of Georgia once stated that time is like money; it's both precious and scarce, which means it has to be preserved, used, and wisely budgeted. Now, if you want to spend your time wisely, then you need to practice proper scheduling for you to achieve it. To explain further, scheduling is the practice of organizing your tasks so you can accomplish your goals and targets within the time available. When done effectively, it allows you to work consistently towards your personal and career goals and have more time for family and friends, exercise, and hobbies.

If you're here because you're looking for steps to set up a schedule, don't worry, for we've listed four steps below that you can follow. Make sure every step is well-read and understood. Here's how:

1. Formulate a To-do-List

You must first set your target monthly activity or your to-do-list before you get to the actual planning. Write down your priorities on a sheet of paper, and visualize how you can achieve it. For instance, if you have an upcoming interview or a presentation in your company, then you must make it your topmost priority rather than your leisure time. To achieve those goals you've set, first, you must let go of bad habits so that you can stay focus. As much as possible, push yourself to ignore any temptations so that your mind will never be on other concerns, but on your main target.

2. Identify your Available Date and Time

Since you already have a list of your target activities, it's time for you to identify the available date and time for each task with the help of your calendar. Upon choosing the date and time, it would be better to do it in the morning rather than in the evening. Why? Because in the morning, you train yourself to start your day the right way, to feel the emotions you want to feel, to be happy, thankful, and caring. If you want to achieve more work done, then always start your early in the morning.

3. Utilize our Ready-made Templates

If you're too occupied to design a schedule from scratch, well, there's no need for you to panic, for we have ready-made schedule templates that you can download in just one click. Downloading our template will save yourself in designing from a blank canvass for all you need to do is to insert the three-month schedule, which you have recently made, and you're done.

4. Save and Follow your Schedule

Once you have made the final retouch to our template, it's time for you to save it and print it afterward on a high-quality paper type. Once you've done printing, you can paste your two-week schedule on your weekly work journal so you can quickly scan it anywhere you go. And most importantly, follow everything you have written on your schedule to achieve a productive day.

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