How to Create a Sample Proposal in Google Docs

Creating your proposal would depend and rely on the subject matter you plan on presenting to your general audience. It would also depend on its primary purpose and what you plan to achieve out of it during the process. It can also be for business or research purposes. In short, creating a project plan can come in all forms and varieties. Take business, for example. Facts revealed in the U.S. Small Business Administration reveals that most entrepreneurs utilize these factors, such as demand, market size, indicators, location, saturation, and pricing, in ensuring a successful business proposal. With that said, we will give you these essential steps needed for your project to help you pursue your plans into action.

1. Have An Introduction Ready

Now when creating your sample proposal, you want to catch your audience based on the introduction presented in your project. You want to be entertaining and not bland and boring to lose interest in the subject. However, you also need to stay relevant and factual when providing your introduction regarding the subject matter of your proposal. Balance is always an essential key to creating a decent and understandable document.

2. Deliver The Problem

In every subject matter connected to your proposal format, a problem is always present. It should be, in fact, present. The purpose of this is to help your audience recognize the current situation at hand based on your presented topic. Once you have identified the problems of the subject matter, we can now proceed to the next step of this procedure.

3. Provide The Solution

After establishing the problem connected to your simple proposal format, it's time to bring out the solution to resolve the issue of your subject matter. The answer you implement in your proposal must be relevant and significant to the main topic. It should also be beneficial towards society and everything as a whole to convince your audience to take action. It's a matter of confidence on how you plan on presenting your solution to satisfy your general audience in the process.

4. Bringing Up The Costs

Once you have all the essential factors required for your project proposal, it's time to calculate how much it would cost. The costs of your project will depend on the number of members you have on your team. It can also be a single person project depending on the subject matter. The costs of your project should be understandable and attainable, depending on those committed to the proposal presented for approval.

5. Review and Take Action

Once you have completed everything necessary for your professional proposal's completion, we would want you to review your work in case you missed out on something substantial so you can revise things immediately. If you feel that you don't need any revisions and its complete, then you can print out your work and take action with what you have presented and make it a reality.

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