How to Create a School Calendar in Google Docs

Planning activities for a new academic year ahead is no piece of cake. It requires intense planning among the school board to ensure that the students and their parents will find every single school activity relevant to their learning. To make your efforts not go to waste, be sure to place all of the approved plans into a comprehensive school calendar.

Even if creating the calendar may seem like the most straightforward step of the whole process of planning out school activities, using the wrong format and doing the wrong way of creating a calendar can cause an adverse impact. With that, be sure to check out the following steps that will guide you in creating a comprehensive school calendar.

1. Sort Activities in Chronological Order

Like the way calendars are arranged in chronological order, the school activities and events should also show organization. Do not jumble items around as it defeats the purpose of creating a school calendar, which is to keep everyone affiliated with the school on the same page.

2. Choose Your Calendar Design

As much as you want to go over the top with your school calendar design, you need to do it wisely. Keep in mind that this will be the design that your intended audience will see the whole year-round. Any wrong move, such as the lack of grids and the excess of graphic designs, will only discourage people from reading it.

3. Factor in Holidays and Breaks

School calendars should not only contain the activities and events planned and plotted for the whole year when students are in school. It must also provide the dates of holidays and breaks when the students are not in school.

4. Include Brief Details for Every Item

If you are only going to include the names or the titles of the activities without additional details, it will confuse your target audience. And again, this also defeats the purpose of keeping everyone on the same page.

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