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For any product, it is important to be able to know what it is or how it is used. Labels do that job and more. Marketing uses labels to catch the attention of any potential buyer as well as help retain information on the product. Labels sometimes are used as marketing tools for discounts or promotions to increase sales and also the visibility factor of the product. Labels indeed are a crucial part of the product as a whole and a vital factor for customers being able to identify a product.

There are many different ways that labels can be used. Feel free to browse over the different label categories and samples found on the site. For whatever use, labels are created for the following reasons:

  • First and foremost, labels provide people with identification of the product. Through labels, say a mug, can be found in the middle of a heap of other store items.

  • Labels also provide additional useful information like a description of the product and whatever is included inside.

  • The quality or type of a product can also be clearly defined on a label like how a 32Mb flash drive can be differentiated from a 64Mb one simply with the label.

  • A big part of the marketing efforts of any company is in the creation of a label for their product. This not only serves as identification as mentioned above but also for promoting the brand and image of the company.

  • In compliance to national and local laws, some labels are made to contain warnings in relation to misuse of the product or the dangers and hazards such products may potentially harbor.

Technology and internet has perhaps made the biggest impact in how businesses work in this century. Consequently, label templates are made available for use with just a click of your finger. provides all your label needs in fully size adjustable templates that can also be customized to your particular need in all shapes and sizes directly downloaded from the site. Open and edit them in your favorite app or program be it MS Word, Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator.

Whether the aim is for product brand perception, warnings, or directions for use, labels offer only the most effective and useful label templates guaranteed to satisfy your labelling needs. Just click on the download button below each sample to gain access to the file.