Survey Report Templates

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A survey report is a document that contains the compilation of the results of the survey that was conducted. It represents the data gathered in a complete, objective manner. The survey report uses infographics to convey information easily and clearly. According to Otago, it outlines the title page, table of contents, executive summary, introduction, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, references, and acknowledgment. A survey report is easier to make with the help of a survey report template.

A survey report always starts with the survey itself. The data you gather from the survey will be the content of your survey report. If you need guidance on what to put in the report, take a look at’s printable survey report templates. These preformatted templates are editable through the website’s editor tool. Just click on your chosen template and you will be directed there. However, you can also edit these sample templates by using different file formats such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple pages, and Adobe PDF. You will be required to sign up for a membership before you can download the simple report.

According to Survicate, a complete survey report outlines the completion rate, number of responses, date of last response, survey views, breakdown of answers per survey respondent, and breakdown of close-ended questions. But before you can make a survey report, here is how to make a questionnaire. According to Form Plus, the first step to creating a questionnaire, is to identify your objectives and audience first then determine if the questions are open-ended or close-ended. Second is to collect data, third is to analyze data, and the fourth is to analyze and interpret. Once done, you can now create your survey report.


  • What is the purpose of a survey report?

      The survey report makes the data on the questionnaire be easily interpreted.

  • What are the types of survey reports?

      Online surveys, paper surveys, telephonic surveys, and one-to-one interviews.

  • How do you report survey data?

      Collate the survey data in a survey report.

  • How do I present the data effectively?

      Infographics are the best way to interpret data. Its design should not be too overwhelming.

  • Is a long survey report required?

      No. A survey report should be short and direct.