Who would ever say 'no' to free food? Absolutely no one. Food is one of the things that we should not limit ourselves to—it is weirdly appropriate in times of heartache and entertainment. Some of us are willing to spend a hefty amount of money just to get a taste of that sweet-smelling and mouth-watering meal. But, the taste gets tripled when it's free. Make your patrons happy by availing of our Food Ticket Templates that are available in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and many more! Whether it's for a cinema, your restaurant, or your concession stand, we have it here for you! Grab food ticket template now!  

How to Create a Food Ticket?

Food tickets provide its holder a specific percentage or a complete discount of food (and sometimes, with a beverage). Food tickets are mostly won in contests or raffle draws. Conditions are inscribed at the back and the period in which the said ticket is applicable. These tickets sometimes contain a perforated stub in which you can detach and keep the actual ticket as memorabilia of some sort. It includes a creative layout of both the establishment and the food offered.

Creating your printable ticket is easy peasy—you need to convince your patrons that your food ticket is worth keeping. Below, we have gathered helpful tips for you to create an eye-catching food ticket.

1. Pick Your Size

Before designing your layout, you have to decide first on its dimensions. Do you want it vertical or horizontal? Decide what looks best for your sample ticket—just make sure your chosen size will be enough for your content. The standard size for tickets with stubs is 1.97" x 5.63" while tickets without stubs are in 5.5" x 2.125".

2. Get on With the Layout

Now that you have your ideal blank ticket size, it's now time to plan your layout. Are you giving away this ticket because of a specific event? Then why not incorporate the event's elements into the food ticket? While doing so, don't forget to include your branding—make it eye-catching while you're at it.

3. Don't Forget the Details

When you give your patrons your simple ticket, the last thing you want to happen is to confuse them. Provide all the details regarding the discounted or free food. The more technical details can be under the 'Conditions,' which you can put behind the ticket. Do not forget to indicate the period in which the ticket is applicable so as not to mislead your patrons.

4. Decide If You Want a Stub on Your Ticket

A stub is the little detachable paper on your editable ticket. This can either be found on the right or left side of your ticket. Aside from the convenience it provides your patrons; they get to keep the ticket itself as well. If you want to provide stubs, make sure to add a section of your ticket that's perforated.

5. Provide a Serial Number

Serial numbers help you trace your tickets. You may start your serial number with the date of its creation, and you may continue from there. Incorporate these serial numbers in your system for tracking. You may place these in the upper left or right portion of the modern ticket.

6. Review Your Food Ticket

After completing the steps above, don't forget to review the final output. Check for context errors and finalize everything. If you have something to incorporate, you may do so. Have your ticket be checked by another person and ask for his or her opinion. Don't disappoint your patrons by providing a half-baked food ticket.

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