Create food vouchers that are perfect for your restaurant business using one of our premium templates. These files are ready-made and free to download. We also have templates for meal vouchers that are given to employees, allowing them to eat at outside restaurants. The files are professionally designed and makes use of high-quality content including layout, artwork, images, standard text fonts, and graphic files. Print ready, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. The files can also be shared digitally through email and other online platforms. Easily editable and fully customizable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop (psd), Illustrator (.ai), Indesign, Microsoft Word (.doc), Publisher, Apple Pages.

Food vouchers, are usually meal coupon discounts that are given out to the public. People who are looking to save a few extra dollars on their next meal would automatically look for meal vouchers. Basically, these come in handy as great gift vouchers as well. This is a strategy that’s supposed to bring in more customers, and it does that job well. If you’re interested in creating your own food voucher, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Voucher design That’s right, why not get creative with the background of your voucher with eye catching or mouth watering images. Style it as much you want as long as you don’t forget that it has to match the theme of your shop. After all, if you own a pastry shop and you put an image of a bucket of shrimps as design on your coupon, I’m pretty sure it would confuse a lot of what could have been potential customers.

  • Be specific and sweat the details. Input the time and day that the meal ticket is valid for. That way your customers will know if they should drop by for either lunch or dinner.

  • Don’t forget to mention the name, address and contact number of the place where they can go to, to avail of the meal voucher.

  • Put in a coupon code, that way you’ll know how many times the coupon has been used.

  • Set up some guidelines that you would like for the customer to follow in order for them to get their tasty meal at a certain % off.

  • Mention how much the discount is, whether it’s 20%, 50% or totally free.

Placing all that’s been mentioned into perspective, creating a food voucher sounds fairly easy. It’s coming up with intricate designs or themed concepts for the voucher that really takes up most of your time. Luckily here at, you can put your mind at ease, considering we have a variety of templates that you can choose from. Our premium designed formats are expertly made by our talented staff, for business as well as personal use. Our templates are designed to help you sell more, earn more and just be generally creative with personal templates. They come in high resolution premium designs with graphics and images in 300 dpi resolution for beautiful layouts that are highly customizable according to your specifications. It’s easy to download, editable, printable and best of all, FREE.Visit our site at PRO and check out all the templates that you need now.

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