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What Is a Food Menu?

A food menu is a creative presentation of available food and beverages by a food-related business. More often than not, they are also designed according to a restaurant's theme. Several food menus contain a variety of dishes catered to their target audiences. Whatever your target audience may be, keep in mind the essentials of creating a creative food menu.

Sample menus in hotels mainly feature cultural cuisines such as Continential, Asian, and many more. It is to accommodate tourists from different backgrounds and cultures. In short, it's the host country's way of saying they can feel at home even though they're away from home.

How to Create a Food Menu

food menu template

Your printable menu isn't just a mere presentation of your food and beverages. In fact, it's also a representation of your establishment. Its layout, pictures, and placement affect your customer's choices. If you want more tips on how to create an effective food menu, we will provide you them below.

1. Take Note that Positioning Is Just As Important

Customers scan the simple menu first in the upper left corner. So if you want a special dish to be sold, you can place them here. Other areas in the menu are relevant as well, you just have to emphasize more on visual hooks to entice your customers.

2. Divide Your Items According to Their Classification

Customers may or may not visit your restaurant with a specific dish or dessert in mind. For easier navigation, group them according to their classifications. Group your desserts, beverages, and meals under one category to minimize your customers' time on scanning the modern menu.

3. Include Photos Too!

Aside from your editable menu positioning, photos have contributing factors to your customer's choices as well. This will give them an idea as to what the dish could look like. Consider a good angle and lighting when taking pictures of your dishes. Don't just provide a half-baked outcome.

4. Put Your Items Inside Boxes

Customers first look at the upper left corner of the printable menu, just like the first tip has mentioned. Studies also show that although customers look at the upper left corner of the menu, they also get distracted by the ones displayed inside boxes, pictures, and colors on the menu. So if certain dishes don't make it to a particular area in the menu, take advantage of other beautifying alternatives.

5. Get Creative With Typography

Like your restaurant theme, typography can represent your company's branding as well. Use the same typography on the category titles and a different one on its contents. Limit your usage of typography to less than three because it can clutter the entirety of the menu.

6. Make Use of Colors

Each color has its own psychological effect. For example, the color red arouses hunger in individuals that's why it's commonly used in leading fast-food chains. For broader information about the psychological effects of colors, you can do your research online. Try to avoid neon colors as it can irritate the eyes of the reader. Use a color wheel for your elegant menu.

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