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What is a Food Flyer?

A food flyer is an advertising method and marketing material that food-related businesses (i.e., restaurants, fast food chains, etc.) use to promote their goods to customers. The key to a good food flyer is by being appealing to the eyes and tempting to the tongue so make sure that you've got a good camera or photographer on-hand as well as a great eye for design.

How to Create a Food Flyer


how to create a food flyer

Creating a food flyer is like creating any other creative flyer; you have to be clear, attractive, and informative. However, a food flyer does have a few specifications to make it successful, and here are a few tips to makes effective ones:

1. Have a Target Consumer

Who will be your diners? Your customers? Will they be high-end and wealthy? Middle-class people? College students? What will your serving style be? Classic eatery? A buffet? Fast-food chain? Will you serve exotic food for the adventurous or homemade classics for the average customers? Whatever your choice is, make sure you know what you plan to do and who you want in your establishment because this helps set the grounds for everything else.

2. Tickle Their Palate

Once you have determined who your consumers are, it's time to advertise your food. You can hire a professional food photographer for this, or you can go DIY. But, essentially, the goal of making your food appealing on a sheet of paper can be a bit harder than it seems. It is because sight is the only sense you can use to bait them in with, so work well with what you have (since pictures will be the first things your customers will notice).

You can tickle the palate of multiple people by having variety in the food you present on your food flyer. For example, all-vegetarian meals or food with meat-alternatives for vegans and health-conscious people, meat-lovers specials for the more carnivorous customers, and even being a little exotic from time to time helps diversify the menu. If you want to appeal to the people's tongues, offer them something they want to taste in a way they can eat it. This can backfire, however, because even if choices are good, too many options can overwhelm your customers.

3. Talk About Your Food

Now that you have your photographs on your menu flyer, talk a bit about the food they see. It helps to be a bit of a creative writer on this part because you can describe to your customer how the food smells, how the flavors of the ingredients blend to create a unique concoction in your mouth, etc. Try not to bore them with walls of texts though and make the descriptions short and concise.

A little tip: you can take this opportunity to give them a rundown of the ingredients found on the meal, which helps determine if there are possible allergens in your food. This may seem like a minor detail, but it helps a lot in avoiding unwanted incidents in your establishment.

4. Maintain Flyer Accuracy

One thing customers hate is when the food served is nothing compared to the picture in the flyer. Yes, you want your customers to come in and eat, but if your flyers are inaccurate and your food looks nothing like what you excited it up to be, no one will go back. Avoid false advertisements and only promote what you serve.

5. Proofread Before You Produce

Like any promotion flyer, you should take time to inspect it for any errors, make sure that all grammar and spelling errors are dealt with, and keep doing this until you're sure your work is perfect.

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