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What Is a Wine Voucher?

A wine voucher is a voucher entitling a discount to its holder specifically in purchasing wine items. These vouchers are given by stores to their customers. Vouchers are part of a marketing strategy by establishments especially retail businesses to keep their customers buying their products. Like other vouchers, a wine voucher has a coupon code for discounts, services, and deals. But unlike coupons, vouchers can be printed in bulk, especially editable vouchers. The advantage of the editable voucher is it can be used in different seasons.

How to Make a Wine Voucher

wine voucher template

Like gift cards, vouchers compel shoppers to shop for goods or services. Sometimes voucher design differs depending on the season. If you could recall that during the holiday seasons, redeemable vouchers are given by supermarkets to draw attention from the customers. Usually, during this season, vouchers were designed with red, green, and gold colors to make it relevant to the season. Or the layout and design elements were referred to as the company's most noticeable features such as logos, colors, and fonts. Go in-depth in making your wine voucher and follow these simple steps.

1. Use a Template

Make your wine voucher with the help of a template. Though you can make your voucher from scratch, with a template, it'll make your voucher writing more convenient. If you are in a business, you can spend your time and hands-on other important details that your business needs more attention. Instead of spending much of your time trying to figure out how to come up with a good printable voucher, with a template it'll only take clicks to own a template of your choice.

2. Edit the Template

To start with your sample voucher template, pay attention to the header, name of the business, amount of discount your customer can avail, and sometimes the date when will be the privilege due. Also, add an instruction on how to redeem the discount offered by the voucher. There are certain instances that vouchers have special messages written on them by stores that serve as a promotion to the product. Thus, craft your own message for your loyal customers to make them feel special.

3. Fill in the Voucher

Pay attention to the content of your voucher or coupon because it will be a make it or break it moment. A voucher will contain detailed information regarding the payee, the monetary amount of the payment, a description of the transaction, and more. Though you are giving away discounts make sure that you still make a profit. When you create a voucher make sure that you can benefit from it in return. Don't think that making and printing your voucher is an expense because all throughout it is an investment.

4. Proofread the Voucher

Your voucher won't be considered complete if you have not proofread it. Proofreading your voucher means you must look over misspelled words, incorrect information, and placement of punctuations. Do not produce a voucher that has faulty content because it will be confusing for your customers. See to it that you are delivering the right information that your customers need to know. Unprofessional looking voucher has the tendency to turn off your customers. Don't take a chance to a sloppy looking vouchers.

5. Save and Print Voucher

You also have the option of two types of paper, writable and glossy. We would recommend choosing the writable paper if you intend to write personal messages to your customers. If you are planning on giving out creative vouchers for exclusive loyal customers, you can choose glossy paper, it will make your customers feel very special.

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