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There Are Different Kinds Of Certificates, Whether It Be For Appreciation, Recognition, Completion, Etc. With Our Free Creative Certificate Templates, You Can Design Any Of Them. Our Highly Editable Templates Let You Edit The Text, Layout, Background, And Logo To Create A Professional Certificate You Can Hand Out. Get Them Now From!See more

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  • Vouchers are great materials to use to help promote the sales of your business, build customer loyalty, draw attention to certain products and services, and create traffic to a certain store, branch, or website. Here at, we have a wide selection of professionally created creative voucher templates that you can use. Our accessible templates are available in Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), Apple Pages (.pages),  and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file formats. With the 100% customizable feature, you are guaranteed to have no problems incorporating your brand designs and high-resolution images. Easily create gift vouchers, cash vouchers, discount vouchers, etc. for your fashion retail store, restaurant, salon, and other businesses by downloading our printable templates today!

    What Is a Creative Voucher? 

    In the most literal sense, a creative voucher is a formal document with creative and unique graphic designs that customers can use to redeem a certain monetary value at specific stores. Depending on what the business prefers, the voucher can have different themes—vintage, classy, summer-inspired, or anything that relates to the season it will be used for and the business' brand image. It can be used to give customers money value, discount or credits in actual stores and even in official websites in exchange for certain products and/or services. 

    How to Design a Creative Voucher

    Although there are high-quality voucher templates that you can easily use, you still need to know how you can personalize each template to represent your brand. Thus, to help you out, we have provided an easy guide in designing a creative voucher that you can follow:

    1. Incorporate Your Branding Image

    A study in 2015 revealed that promotional strategies influence 28% of consumers to spend more, 27% to buy from retailers they usually wouldn't choose, and 25% to make purchases they wouldn't normally have made. And using vouchers to drive your brand is an effective way to encourage your target customers to purchase from you. Hence, the importance of flawlessly incorporating your branding image like business logo, brand colors, font styles, styles, etc. in your vouchers to help customers easily recognize your brand.

    2. Be Mindful of the Contents

    Aside from the graphic designs, it is important to prioritize the contents of your voucher. You should present all the pertinent information relevant to the purpose of the voucher. You should clearly indicate whether the voucher offers a certain percentage discount, specific monetary value, etc. It is also necessary to include the specific products and services the voucher can be used for. Also, provide the rules and policies that the customers need to follow in order to redeem the voucher.

    3. Use High-Quality Images 

    If you want to use images, it is best to use professionally taken and high-quality images. Remember that your voucher will represent your business; hence, the need for only using high-quality designs in your output. Plus, using high-quality images will help ensure that you achieve the best quality finish for your vouchers; you can guarantee to achieve a captivating and enticing look for your printable voucher.

    4. Choose the Material

    Regardless of the fact that your voucher is professionally designed, the final look can be affected by the quality of the material that you use. It is essential that you choose a material that will clearly translate your designs after printing. You need to choose the paper stock that will offer you the most flexibility since you can choose to have your voucher in any size and format that you prefer. It is best to go for a paper that is above 150gsm to ensure suitable quality or use card stock for durability.