How to Change Class Colors On Google Classroom

Customize and organize your classes in Google Classroom by color. And this brief article makes it simple for you to change the class colors on Google Classroom anytime. how-to-change-class-colors-on-google-classroom-01

How to Change Class Colors On Google Classroom

  • Step 1: Sign In To Your Google Account


    Sign in to your authorized Google account to get easy access to the Google Classroom dashboard. If the G Suite account you are using does not work, you can ask your school’s accounts administrator or the teacher.

  • Step 2: Select the Class Card You Want To Modify


    In your roster of class cards (if you have multiple classes), select the one that you want to modify. After being redirected to the class dashboard, locate the Customize button which you can find in the banner.

  • Step 3: Select Theme Color


    To start customizing your class’s color, click the Customize button in the banner. In the box, you will find the stream header image, appearance, and theme colors. Choose from a variety of theme colors including Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Cyan, Purple, Light Blue, and Grey. When you select a color, the text color in the class will change automatically.

Can’t I personalize the colors with something I like?

Unfortunately, Google Classroom has very few options when it comes to colors. Google has yet to add a customize color button for that very purpose.

I cannot change colors using my mobile app.

If you have problems changing colors using the Google Classroom mobile apps, it can be because of two things: you were unauthorized to change its settings, or most probably has to do with the app itself. Uninstall or reinstall the app to fix the issue or ask permission from your administrator.

Why is the change color function applies only to text?

As of this writing, Google Classroom allows its users to change the text colors using the provided shades they have in the Customize options. If you want to change the banner design or use a personalized photo, you have to manually change them separately to change the overall look of your class card.