How to Make Google Form on Mobile

Google Forms allows you to easily make forms on mobile in six easy steps. Check on the full article to know how to make Google Forms on mobile with ease. how-to-make-google-form-on-mobile-011

How to Make Google Form on Mobile

  • Step 1: Open a Web Browser


    Every mobile phone, either Android or IOS or any other operating system is equipped with a built-in web browser. Click on your chosen browser to get started.

  • Step 2: Go to Google Forms


    On the web browser, type in, or search Google Forms at the search bar for an easier option.

  • Step 3: Choose


    Upon getting into Google Forms, you will have to choose between two options: use Google Forms for personal or business.

  • Step 4: For Personal Use

    Choose “Go to Forms” if you wish to use Forms for personal use.

  • Step 5: Sign In

    Log into your personal Google account or choose among the available Google accounts on your device to get started. Type in the username or mobile number, and password.

  • Step 6: For Business Use

    Log into your business email provided by your company or organization. Type in your Google Workspace email or mobile number, and password to start.

  • Step 7: Start Creating a Form

    After signing in, you will be exposed to different Form options, choose “Blank” if you wish to start or choose among the different ready-made templates on the Template Gallery.

How to make Google Forms on mobile?

Go over every step above, follow accordingly, and when done right will leave you with a successfully made Google Form on mobile.

Who can use Google Forms on mobile?

Basically, anyone with a mobile phone, a web browser, and a Google account can use Google Forms on mobile.

Is making Google Forms on mobile for free?

Google Forms can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, across any device cost-free. This software can be used on mobile without any cost, just make sure to have a Google email account with you.

Can I download a Google Forms app?

Unfortunately, there is still no Google Forms app at the moment. You can only access Google Forms on mobile through a web browser.