How to Send Multiple Google Forms in One Email

Google Mail grants you the opportunity to send more than one Google Form in a single email. And these are the basic steps you need to send multiple Google Forms in one email efficiently.

How to Send Multiple Google Forms in One Email

  • Step 1: Customize Form Settings.

    how-to-send-multiple-google-forms-in-one-email-step-1-788x213Create a new form at After choosing a format, click the Settings option and select the Response type you want for your recipients. You can enable limited responses or have respondents submitted attached file in Google Forms.

  • Step 2: Choose a Send Option.

    how-to-send-multiple-google-forms-in-one-email-step-2Click the Send button located at the top right of your Google Form. You have two options to choose from in sending your forms. The first option allows you to email yours to one or more email addresses. The second one lets you copy the link and use it whenever you need to compose a new email or reply.

  • Step 3: Enter Email Addresses.

    You need to enumerate the email addresses in option one or direct Email and separate them with a comma. Write the subject and message, and tick the box for Include form in an email. Then, hit the Send button. In the second option or link, copy the link address and paste it to the content of your newly composed Email or reply.

Can You Send Google Forms Responses to Multiple Email Addresses?

Create a notification to other members of your Google form by adding collaborators from the More option. Then, include the email addresses of the people you want.

Can You Add Your Form to Your Website?

Besides the Email and Link in the Send options, you also have the Embed HTML. You can copy the HTML or edit the height and width first. If you want to share your Google Form on social media, use the Facebook and Twitter options.

Can You Send a Form with Pre-filled Answers?

After creating a Google Form, select the Get pre-filled link from the More icon. Then, fill out the answers from your list and click the Get link button. Wait for the pop-up to show and hit the Copy Link button to send your pre-filled Google Forms to the right respondents.