How to Turn Off Email Notifications on Google Mail

Google Mail doesn’t force you to receive email notifications all the time. Just tweak the settings which you will learn in this article about how to turn off email notifications on Google Mail properly. how-to-turn-off-email-notifications-on-google-mail-01

How to Turn Off Email Notifications on Google Mail

  • Step 1: Open

    Search on your browser to start setting your mail notifications. For Android and iOS devices, tap the Gmail app.

  • Step 2: Go to Settings.

    Click the settings gear icon and choose See all settings. On Android and iOS devices, you have to open the Menu to find the Settings. Then, select your account. You may have multiple accounts logged into your Gmail App, so choose the account you wish to have your notifications off or on.

  • Step 3: Set Your Notifications Off.

    From See all settings, you need to scroll down to the Desktop notifications section. You have three options to enable and disable email notifications: New mail notifications on, Important mail notifications on, and Mail notifications off. Turn it off by clicking the Mail notifications off. Finally, scroll down and click Save Changes.

Can You Stop Sending Email Notifications for All Accounts in Your Gmail App?

You can only turn on / turn off Gmail notifications one by one for all of your logged-in accounts in the Gmail app. You can do the same process above for Android and iOS devices to enable or disable email notifications on your chosen account.

Can You Turn Off Chat Notifications on Gmail?

You can turn off and on your Meet notification for a specific group or person. If you want to turn off your chats and Gmail messages simultaneously, you can select your account and choose Notifications. Finally, select Meet notifications only. This feature, however, is only available on Android devices.

Can You Change Email Notification Sounds?

If you want to enable Gmail desktop notifications, you can also change the notification sounds. As soon as you turn it on, a drop-down menu will show a selection of notification sounds. Then, click Save changes to apply your preferred notification settings.