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Both printed and digital banners come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. And with a variety of factors on a banner’s traits and purpose, be sure to determine the appropriate banner size by inch, pixel, foot, and other dimensions. banner-sizes

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Indoor Banner

A signature indoor banner is measured by feet, specifically 2 × 4 ft, and it is perfect for tradeshows, seminars, and kiosks where gathering some attention for special offers and sales is most opportune.

Outdoor Banner

An outdoor banner is bigger than an indoor banner, ideally around 4 × 6 ft, since the outdoors have more space and most likely a bigger audience.

Web Banner

Measured in pixels, a typical web banner is about 468 × 60 px, and it works best if your web banners theme matches that of your website, such as examples from Amazon, Google, or WordPress.

Half Web Banner

A half web banner is slightly smaller, measuring around 234 × 60 px, and your banner’s message, font, and graphics should still be legible or readable on the site despite its size.

Vertical Web Banner

A vertical web banner sizes up to 120 × 240 px, which has a portrait orientation, and you should strategize how you present your information on this canvas since words are normally written horizontally if in paragraph form.

Horizontal Web Banner

The opposite of a vertical web banner is the horizontal web banner aka leaderboard, which measures about 728 × 90 px, and its landscape presentation should fit on your web page legibly.

Large Mobile Banner

Mobile banners are also a thing such as a large mobile banner that is about 320 × 100 px, and this form of a banner is normally used for mobile ads that are animated or static, as long as it is compatible with any mobile device.

Square Mobile Banner

Measuring around 250 × 250 px, square mobile banners are quite small but still crisp and easy to read, and you can always adjust for any size as long as the pixel dimensions are equal.

Twitter Banner Size

The ideal size for a Twitter banner if uploaded on Twitter’s header image is 1500 × 500 px. Twitter’s full-width header features make it easy to come up with banners for any event anytime. But, make sure you use banner dimensions that work for both mobile and desktop versions.


Facebook Banner Size

A Facebook banner is perfectly presented in a Facebook cover photo that should at least be 400 × 150 px. It displays at 820 × 312 px on computers and 640 × 360 px on mobile. Nonetheless, be careful with the presentation because Facebook banners are slightly covered by the profile picture unless the banner is clicked.


LinkedIn Banner Size

A LinkedIn personal profile needs a cover photo of 1584 × 396 px for optimal quality. Take advantage of it as your LinkedIn banner, which should appear professional. It is professional in the sense that you present a banner for business people or anyone looking for job opportunities.


YouTube Banner Size

When uploading a YouTube channel banner, your image should be at least 2048 × 1152 px and have an aspect ratio of 16:9. Use that YouTube banner to market your channel, such as its content background, address or phone number, and other social media platforms. Like any YouTube content creator, put some creativity into the banner’s design with images.


As banners are traditionally made with fabric, vinyl, and other printed materials, the banner sizes for print or offline have tons of variations. Besides the standard indoor banners (2 × 4 ft) and outdoor banners (4 × 6 ft), you may also opt for 4 × 8 fit or 8 × 20 ft. Printed roll-up banners are around 850 × 200 mm (85 × 20 cm) while wide roll-up banners would be 150 × 200 mm (15 × 20 cm). Also, you can try these sizes for printed vinyl banners: small vinyl banner (6 × 3 ft), wide vinyl banner (4 × 2 ft), and large vinyl banner (8 × 4 ft).


On a desktop, the recommended email banner width is 600 to 700 px. On mobile platforms, 320 t0 385 px is preferable. It works best to convert or adjust the banner’s compatibility for either version. For the banner’s height, always keep it under 1728 px. Also, consider the size of any email section that is shown without scrolling as it should be around 300 to 500 px. Or, you can try the skyscraper email banner that measures 120 × 600 px.


The best banner sizes to use with, for, in, or around your business are 6 × 3 ft, 4 × 2 ft, and 8 × 4 ft. It really depends on your company or business preference as to how long, wide, or graphic the banner is as long as it meets your goals and purpose. Whether you make a business banner for a business-classroom seminar event, new server training, employee birthday, or a company debut party, pick the size that is appropriate for the theme.


There are many standard banner sizes you can use in Photoshop. Go with 300 × 250 px for a good all-around size. With Photoshop, you can always adjust the banner size whenever you want but for starters, it works best to try out big sizes.


Like with Photoshop, you can work with various banner sizes using Illustrator. You can create banners that are 250 × 250 px, 300 × 600 px, 970 × 250 px, and much more. Beginners may want to try banners with 12 × 48 in and refer to any table or chart listed in this article for references on the standard banner sizes.


Banner Sizes FAQs

What is the size of a banner in Photoshop?

You can decide on the banner size in Photoshop according to preference may it be 300 × 250 px, 720 × 300 px, 300 × 600 px, and many more sizes you can adjust in the settings.

What size is a YouTube banner?

The staple YouTube banner size is 2048 × 1152 px, while the dimensions inside the banner where you can input texts, images, or logos are 1235 × 338 px.

What is the standard size for a banner?

As reiterated, the standard sizes of a banner are indoor banner (2 × 4 ft), outdoor banner (4 × 6 ft), web banner (468 × 60 px), half web banner (234 × 60 px), vertical web banner (120 × 240 px), horizontal web banner (728 × 90 px), large mobile banner (320 × 100 px), and square banner (250 × 250 px).

How to reduce the banner size

You can reduce the banner size no matter what platform or program you are using in making the banner, such as using the width and height attributes of the banner image in HTML or resizing the banner image’s CSS properties.

What is the best image size to use for YouTube banners?

The best YouTube banner image size is around 2560 × 1440 px.

What is the size of a roll-up banner?

Roll-up or roller banners measure 850 × 2000 mm or 1500 × 2000 mm.

What pixel size to use for a banner

The pixel size for a banner depends on what type of banner you use such as 468 × 60 px (web banner), 234 × 60 px (half web banner), 120 × 240 px (vertical web banner), 728 × 90 px (horizontal web banner), 320 × 100 px (large mobile banner), and 250 × 250 px (square mobile banner).

What is the ideal email banner size?

Ideal sizes for email banners are 600–700 px (desktop) and 320–385 px (mobile).

What size should banner ads be?

The medium rectangle size (350 × 250 px) is perfect for banners made for advertising purposes such as banner ads due to its versatility on both desktop and mobile versions.

Which banner size is the most effective?

The horizontal banner or leaderboard size 728 × 90 px is said to be the most effective banner size in the market.