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Bookmarks come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, so it might take some inspired effort to create an aesthetically cool and appeasing bookmark. A creative person can make an amazing and unique bookmark in a variety of ways that span from customizing a printable template with personal photos, pasted fabrics, and drawings to a fun DIY project for both students and kids to make at kindergarten or home. bookmark-ideas

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Bookmark Ideas and Examples

When you are reading a book at the library and home and you want to take a break, it’s hard to commit to memory the last page you were reading on. Bookmarks are tools that can help the reader create a visual mark without having to cut or alter the page of a book. These can be easy and cheap to craft and have multitudes of uses outside of acting as a visual marker. This can span from being an artfully packaged gift, a homemade or handmade bookmark painted with watercolors, a cute Halloween invitation, or a marketing tactic, because bookmarks have a variety of uses it is important to have an idea of what bookmark template you want to use.


Baby Shower Bookmark Ideas and Examples

baby shower bookmark is a good and fun way to invite loved ones and friends to a baby shower. This bookmark can be designed with simple images, clipart, and patterns following a specific theme. The bookmark should also include the time, date, venue, and a snappy title of the event.


Christmas Bookmark Ideas and Examples

Christmas bookmarks are good ways to evoke a sense of holiday spirit while reading a book in front of the cozy firewood light. This bookmark should have festive decor, colors, and quotes, like this Christmas Tree Bookmark. One can also laminate this bookmark with a Cricut while pressing a holiday flower like a poinsettia petal.


Graduation Bookmarks Ideas and Examples

Graduation is the encapsulation of one’s journey throughout their education. Show appreciation to your newly-graduated loved ones by making a graduation bookmark for them. It is important to have various imagery and colors which evokes the idea of graduation, also the text of the bookmark should include the class’ name or year, or the graduate’s name.


Motivational Bookmark Ideas and Examples

Motivation is a fickle feeling people experience, as it crests and troughs throughout someone’s lifetime. A motivational bookmark can help with ensuring one’s motivation is maintained and can act as a great gift for friends. This bookmark should include a motivational quote, insert some simple drawings or images, and add a thematic color for the body.


Memorial Bookmark Ideas and Examples

When a loved one passes it is important to keep them in our memories. One of the best ways to do that is to make a memorial bookmark for the loved one who has passed, the one making the bookmark should design the bookmark with images, colors, and quotes that the departed favored.


School Bookmark Ideas and Examples

Learning and reading can often take a lot of motivation from us and may leave us uninspired. You can use a student bookmark like this free school bookmark to help push through the slog by allowing easy viewing of one’s favorite quote when taking a rest from reading. A student bookmark should have one’s favorite quote and imagery catered to one’s aesthetic.


Fashion Bookmark Ideas and Examples

Every fashionable outfit should be complemented with accessories that one’s beauty and style to the next level. Fashion boutiques and shops can use a fashion bookmark to help market and advertise their brand. The fashion bookmark should have a logo and the number of the boutique or shop and should include a combination of quotes and images related to the overall theme of the business.


Promotional Bookmark Ideas and Examples

Marketing is often touted as a contest between companies, businesses, or brands as they will fight tooth and claw for their customer’s attention. A promotional bookmark can be used by a good marketing team to attract and remind customers of different sales and offers the business has at the moment. To ensure the bookmark can break the competition it should include colors, images, and logos that follow the style of the company, while also inserting the event, offer, or sale on the front part of the bookmark.


Religious Bookmark Ideas and Examples

Remember your favorite bible quote by using and making a religious bookmark This bookmark can be used as a fun church activity to have with one’s fellow churchgoers.  To create a religious bookmark one should add light colors, small imagery, and a bible quote with its accompanying scripture.



What paper is used for creating bookmarks?

Cardstock is the most preferred type of paper for a bookmark, as it will prevent the bookmark from folding.

Where to look for great ideas for bookmark designs?

There are plenty of bookmark templates that you can gather some inspiration from so that you can create a great bookmark.

Why do we use bookmarks?

Bookmarks are marking tools that allow readers to keep their reading process without any risk of losing it.

What paper is used for bookmarks?

Many types of paper can be used for bookmarks, but the most practical choice for bookmarks is cardstock.

What should I write in my bookmarks?

If it is an inspirational bookmark, then it is great to write your favorite quote on your bookmark, however, the final decision depends on what type of bookmark you are making.

What are the advantages of a bookmark?

Bookmarks allow the readers to express their creative and inspired selves while having a practical application of helping mark a specific page of a book without damaging the said book.

What are the elements of a bookmark?

A bookmark has a body and a combination of either images or texts.

What makes bookmarks attractive?

Bookmarks are easily designed and can host plenty of different decorations around their body which easily catch the eyes.

What are the benefits of bookmarks?

Bookmarks allow the readers to create a visual marker for them to take note of the last page they read in the book.

What is the purpose of a bookmark?

A bookmark is a visual marking tool that is used by readers to easily take note of where they have least read.