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Table of Contents

  1. Bookmark Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Bookmark?
  3. 10 Types of Bookmarks
  4. Bookmark Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s In A Bookmark? Parts?
  6. How To Design a Bookmark?
  7. Bookmark vs. Favorites
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Bookmark, Flyer, Leaflet, or Booklets?
  9. Bookmark Sizes
  10. Bookmark Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Bookmark


Bookmarks are practical and stylistic marking tools that help avid readers and note-takers find different part/s of a book for varying purposes that suits the reader’s sentiments. These are often made out of thick paper, cardboard, fabric, or leather and may have different aesthetic designs.

Bookmark Definition & Meaning

A bookmark is defined as a piece of thick paper, cardboard, fabric, or leather that is used by readers and notetakers to help visually mark any parts of the book.

This means that bookmarks act as a visual indicator of significant places on the book, or which page the reader/note taker is currently at.

What Is a Bookmark?

A bookmark is a visual tool that helps readers or note-takers indicate the previous position they may have been at. Bookmarks act as tabs and will often jut out of the book to help visually hook the user to the specific page. They are very helpful for those who read a lot of books but are too busy to finish them in one sitting. Not only are they useful but they can come in varying shapes, colors, and sizes to help add a personal flair for the user. One way to easily start making bookmarks is by first finding a printable template online through Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, then exporting them to one’s desktop for printing. Examples of creative and beautiful bookmarks are a harry potter themed bookmark, a bookmark full of unicorns and animals with fun coloring, a bookmark with a photograph of a scenic corner on the summer street, and event a patterned bookmark with crochet-like embellishments.

10 Types of Bookmarks

Christmas Bookmark

A Christmas bookmark is a great gift to give to a friend or a loved one who loves reading during the holiday season. Bookmarks can also act as a witty invite or a reminder for a Christmas party, by including stylistic calligraphy and details for the event. It is an easy-themed bookmark to make that will suit many Christmas parties, that is both dual-purpose and timely.

christmas bookmark

Sports Bookmark

The design and style of a bookmark should suit the aesthetic and the taste of the person using them. A sports bookmark can be a great present for a sports lover and enthusiast with all the various sports iconographies placed on the bookmark. You may even place an inspirational quote on the bookmark to boost their confidence.

sports bookmark

Funeral Bookmark

Want to commemorate a loved one and create a small tribute for them? A funeral bookmark can be made as little tributes and reminders for our loved ones who have passed on. These can also serve as invitations for the wake/funeral of the loved one who has passed, acting as both a little reminder of the person and an invite.

funeral bookmark

Thank You Bookmark

A thank you bookmark is a great way to say thanks to the people who matter to you the most. This is an easy bookmark to make and personalize by designing it with creative decorations and a nice thank you message for the receiver. Plus, it can also include significant dates or events that may be related to the receiver.

thank you bookmark

Save The Date Bookmark

Weddings are notoriously very hard to plan out and are quite expensive at times. However, there is a free yet creative way to make your announcement stand out, which can be achieved with a save the date bookmark. This can be done by placing different wedding iconographies that are pertinent to the theme, place, and date of the occasion on the bookmark.

save the date bookmark

Religious Bookmark

Do you have a favorite line in the bible or a prayer verse that sticks close to your heart, but you find yourself often forgetting it? A religious bookmark may help out with that. By having a simple background, layout, and a stylized calligraphed quote in the middle, one can easily make this.

religious bookmark

Wedding Bookmark

Not only are weddings hard to plan and pay for, but it is also something that might need some style. A wedding bookmark can act as both a practical and stylish invitation for your guests. It should be styled to suit the overall theme of the wedding while also indicating both its venue and schedule.

wedding bookmark

Graduation Bookmark

Want to give out mementos for the graduating class, and remind them of their alma mater? A graduation bookmark is a great gift for graduates who want to reminisce about their march. The name of the graduate, their graduation year, and the school they graduated from should be included in this bookmark to create an effective memento.

graduation bookmark

Fashion Bookmark

A personal style is very important in carving out your own image and personality. Whether out in public or in the confines of your private space, it’s great to be fashionable and stylish. A fashion bookmark is a bookmark with a strong and striking visual style to suit a cool book reader. This bookmark can also be posted on various social media websites like Pinterest or Instagram as a way to express one’s fashion statement online.

fashion bookmark

Promotional Bookmark

A marketing team or a business can use a promotional bookmark to help market and advertise their business. This is a great way to grab your customer’s attention and ensure that they have a visual anchor to remember a specific event for your business. This can be easily achieved by inserting the business logo and branding into your bookmark and the event to market. This Black Friday Sale Bookmark design is a good example of a promotional bookmark.

promotional bookmark

Bookmark Uses, Purpose, Importance

A bookmark has many uses, both as a marking tool and a stylish accessory for an avid reader. This tool can be used as a way to create a visual marking on a page of a book, a bookmark would often jut out of the book marking the place where the reader or note taker had last opened the said book. A bookmark can also be used as a practical gift to loved ones or as a way for a marketing team to draw attention to a specific business.

Provides a Visible Marker or Point

A bookmark provides a visible marker for a reader to return to when taking a break. This allows the reader or the note taker to easily take a rest without risking losing their progress on their reading.

Efficient and Cheap Advertising Tool

A good marketing team or a business can leverage a bookmark for various marketing techniques to grab the attention of potential customers. Due to its practical use, a potential customer might take a bookmark offered to them by a business rather than a paper flyer handed out to them.

Showcase One’s Style and Personality

There are plenty of different bookmarks that come in different creative and cute shapes and sizes. A bookmark can be a great accent or accessory to have as it can showcase the user’s personality and style in a subtle but significant way.

Creative Gift or Memento

Practicality is something we have to consider when giving a gift to someone. A bookmark is a creative and practical gift that people can give to their loved ones, which can be customized to suit the style of the person receiving said bookmark. Handmade bookmarks can be painted with watercolors and written with various stylized calligraphy, bookmarks can also be pressed and laminated with a flower.

Good Tool for Reminders

Some people prefer having quotes or reminders of something on their bookmarks, as a way to remind themselves of something important or something to do in the near future. Since a bookmark relies heavily on its visual nature, it can also be used as a visual tool to remind people.

What’s In A Bookmark? Parts?


This is the main rectangular body of the bookmark, where most of the content is located.


An image is a picture placed in a bookmark, this might be a small picture on the header of the bookmark or the only thing that spans the whole bookmark. This could come in the form of a color bar on the header of a bookmark or even doodles and clipart inserted in the body.


These are the sentences and texts in a bookmark, this is usually compact, simple, and should follow the overall theme of the bookmark.

Extra Design Choices

These are small flourishes that can make a bookmark look unique; an example of this is a piece of ribbon attached to the top of the bookmark.

what’s in a bookmarks

How To Design a Bookmark?

1. Select a bookmark size.

2. Decide on the theme or the style of the bookmark.

3. Choose a bookmark template.

4. Replace the photos and images.

5. Add any more design flourishes, images, or texts that are needed.

6. Finalize and download.

how to design a bookmark

Bookmark vs. Favorites

A bookmark is a piece of thick paper, cardboard, leather, or fabric, that acts as a visual reminder for readers to go back to their last known position in a book. This is something physical that is either handcrafted (DIY/origami) or a printed thing.

Favorites are a list of things about a certain category all done in either a numerical list or a dotted one. This can either be a physical or a digital list of things.

What’s the Difference Between a Bookmark, Flyer, Leaflet, or Booklets?

A bookmark is a visual marking tool used by readers and note-takers to keep track of the reading progress on a specific book.

A flyer is a single page of paper that is used to bring attention to, market, or advertise a specific event, place, or business.

A leaflet is a sheet of printed paper that has details of a specific product or service that is used as a marketing strategy to advertise.

A booklet is a small thin book that is often used to convey information to other people.

Bookmark Sizes

Bookmarks can come in different shapes and sizes all to accommodate different purposes. Below are examples of bookmark sizes that can be used in making a bookmark.

bookmark sizes

Bookmark Ideas & Examples

Sometimes bookmarks are hard to ideate or have a concept for, but if you need some inspiration you can hop on in our collection of bookmark ideas.


How to create customized bookmarks?

You easily make a customized bookmark by simply picking a bookmark template and editing it to suit your needs.

How to print bookmarks?

You can print a bookmark on a bond paper that can accommodate the size that is being used, and click the print button after saving the bookmark as a jpg.

What to include on a bookmark?

A bookmark can be composed of either an image or a text, or a combination of both.

Can you use a bookmark to promote a business?

Yes, you can use a bookmark to promote a business by utilizing its potential as a marketing tool.

Why use bookmarks?

Bookmarks are a great way to ensure that a reader will not lose any progress on their reading material.

What are the most common bookmark specifications?

Bookmarks usually have dimensions of 2 x 6 inches, which is its standard size.

What are the steps to design a bookmark?

Search for a bookmark template or have an idea of what style of bookmark you are going to make, then add and edit any designs you wish to have on your bookmark.

What details should be in a bookmark?

There should at least be a text, image, or a combination of both image and text, that should be on the body of the bookmark.

Why do I need a custom bookmark?

A customized bookmark helps provide a sense of style and personality that can greatly help accessorize your life.

What are the key features of a bookmark?

A bookmark is a 2 x 6-inch piece of thick paper, cardboard, fabric, or leather, that has an image, text, or any combination of both on its body.

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