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Email ads are every entrepreneur’s opportunity to market one’s brand, products, and services online, especially with a substantial list of recipients to monetize with. So besides simply sending emails regularly, boost your chances of generating profits by implementing creative strategies through internal marketing, promotions, paid advertisements, and incorporating email ads every time you hit send.

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Email Ad Definition & Meaning

An email ad is short for email advertising, which is a branch of marketing where you advertise products and services through email.

That means the email or newsletter you send to recipients, who agreed to receive any promotional message from your brand, would contain paid advertisements or promotions.

What Is an Email Ad?

An email ad is any email with advertising campaigns and is sent to every customer whose email address is within your email list. This component of email marketing lets you reach your target with personalized messages and hope to improve your relationship with clients as well as how they would respond to such ads. Also, email ads are a combination of direct marketing and digital marketing that can benefit your business in sales if done right.

10 Types of Email Ads

Business Email Ad

Business emails play a vital role in forming relationships and communicating with business partners, colleagues, and sponsors—level up your marketing technique with professional email ad designs suitable for business activities. From a spa email ad, construction email ad, or any email ad that fits your business, you deserve a creative yet professional-looking email ad highlighting your brand, business logo, and signature colors.

business email ad

Ecommerce Email Ad

Everyone wants to sell something online, but doing eCommerce means jumping through hurdles to generate a successful sale. Conducting transactions online is never an easy route. Luckily, eCommerce and online shopping email ads can leverage your online retail business, especially when your target market comprises digital natives and tech-savvy customers.

ecommerce email ad

Company Email Ad

Whether you’re a part of a small business, a sole proprietorship, a cooperative, or a corporate partnership, quality is better than quantity when attracting prospective clients. So, promote your company through professionally-made company email ads that highlight your organization’s name, address, contact information, and product or service rates. At, we offer tons of templates suitable for your business, including insurance email ads, travel email ads, and other types of company email ads.

company email ad

Restaurant Email Ad

You want people to gather and eat good food, so why not broaden your market reach and promote your restaurant online? Create an attractive restaurant or food email ad worth clicking on and include images that will surely captivate hungry customers to visit your place. To design one, make sure to tease your readers with your signature dishes, and of course, don’t forget to include your contact details and restaurant address.

restaurant email ad

Real Estate Email Ad

Working in real estate means being organized and knowledgeable with good people skills. But that’s nothing when closing a deal if you haven’t marketed any real estate properties to your clients. Reach out to your recipients who need help with their real estate plans by designing a compelling and informative real estate email ad. Don’t forget to include your contact number and email segmentation in the advertisement for them to reply to.

real estate email ad

Event Email Ad

Private, corporate, or charity events—regardless of which event planning services you specialize in, you still need to promote your business to prospective clients online. If you opt to do online advertising, you can always try making a creative and iconic event email ad, like a contest email ad, besides doing your usual banners, posters, and flyers as a new approach to your marketing strategy.

event email ad

Furniture Email Ad

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment are essential at home, work, and school. Whether your clients prefer a traditional, modern, contemporary, or mid-century furniture style, guide them online through an eye-catching furniture email ad. But if your business focuses on gym equipment, perhaps a fitness email ad will help you showcase your exercise equipment in no time.

furniture email ad

Jewelry Email Ad

Selling jewelry through email advertising is possible with jewelry email ads. There are tons of creative ways to attract jewelry lovers and collectors simply by adding images with descriptions of your jewelry, gemstones, trinkets, and ornaments to your email ad. But, if you have enough budget to hire a famous influencer to wear your designer piece or your engagement ring, you may also feature their image on an influencer email ad.

jewelry email ad

Product Email Ad

Got plans to release your next product and want to make some noise? Make it trending online via a product email ad! You may do so by providing a product launch email ad, app launch email ad, or games email ad to your prospective market.

product email ad

Promotion Email Ad

Any meeting or event to discuss in an email ad can be an opportunity to leverage promotions and paid advertisements. So, start promoting your plans, brand, or projects to your stakeholders and develop a promotional conference email ad, job promotion email ad, and more here at We offer many ready-made email ad templates suitable to your business needs.

promotion email ad

Email Ad Uses, Purpose, Importance

Email ads are perfect for reaching prospective clients as well as keeping in touch with existing customers and web visitors. Not only are they cost-effective, but the updates given by email ads have also proven to be appreciated by clients and regular shoppers over the year, especially when they wish to know the latest products, services, discounts, sales, and promos offered by companies. That said, the following benefits are listed below:

Cost-Effective Marketing

You don’t have to spend a dime on printing flyers or employing certain people to market a specific product or service using an email ad. With email ads, you simply send emails online and there are loads of programs available where you can share email sequences to a huge number of people for free; hence, it is an inexpensive way of advertising.

Quick and Easy

Traditional direct marketing would have you visit the homes of clients and share what you need to advertise to them. But with email ads, you can save time and effort because sending emails on the internet is done instantly. The best part is you can create multiple email ads you like and send them to hundreds of recipients within minutes.

Respect of Consent

Email ads are permission-based, meaning you only send emails to clients who agreed into receiving promotional messages from your business. Asking for consent first is critical because unapproved email ads would be considered spam. And worse, clients would block your account or report you for illegal marketing without asking permission.

Personalized Email Ads

The best part about email ads is you can have them personalized, which is better than solely advertising a product or writing an email without any chance of promotion. And it helps to know how to reach audiences effectively such as including messages your customers would be interested in to increase customer engagement.

Boost Sales

A significant purpose of making email ads is to increase sales. Thus, email advertising is an essential stage in the buying process because it can affect the decision of every user or customer whether they should buy what you are selling or not.

Effective Tracking System

After sending an email ad, the process doesn’t just stop there. You can measure and monitor whether your advertising campaign was a success or not through web analytics programs or software. And you can use the results for analysis on how to come up with more effective campaigns in the future.

What’s in An Email Ad? Parts?


The headline or subject line marks the very first thing recipients would see or read in an email ad. It should be catchy, brief, and direct to the point so that whoever reads the email ad can get the gist of what it is about.

Subscriber’s Name

To keep an email ad personalized, be sure to mention your recipient’s name to not make it seem like you literally copied and pasted the same message to every subscriber. And it is crucial you won’t misspell names to do this right.

Email Format

Did you know that an email format varies from one example to another? Indeed, it depends on what your approach to the email ad is because some people prefer writing it ala a personal email or letter while others create a whole spread of an ad in email format.


Email ads aren’t complete without segmentation or suppression list strategies. Segmentation refers to how you select people who would receive email ads while suppression refers to how you stop others from receiving email ads.


Of course, you can’t forget about photos, gifs, infographic charts, and other media you can add to an email ad. Because if the whole email ad is a long paragraph of words and has no graphic element at all, chances are recipients would not read the whole thing.


Now that you have sent an email ad and the recipient has read the info, what’s next? Write a clear call-to-action statement so customers would know what to do next whether it involves calling your contact number or directing them to your advertised product’s link.

Email Preferences

No business wants any user to unsubscribe from promotional emails but don’t hide how they can unsubscribe too. Although email preferences are optional, they are still helpful to teach recipients how to change email preferences.

what’s in an email ad parts

How to Design An Email Ad

1. Choose an Email Ad Size

2. Decide the Purpose of the Email Ad

3. Select an Email Ad Template

4. Insert the Email Ad’s Elements

5. Customize and Design Your Email Ad

6. Produce the Email Ad in Your Preferred Format

how to design an email ad

Email Ad vs Email Marketing

Email ad or email advertising is a branch of marketing where you practice promoting a company‘s products and services through email.

Meanwhile, email marketing is the bigger picture where you market a product or service and figure out what the customer wants or how your business can meet their concerns via email.

What’s the Difference Between an Email Ad, Advertising, and a Campaign?

An email ad is an advertising campaign done via email and is sent to recipients who gave consent to receive such emails.

Advertising is the practice or profession of creating advertisements for commercial goods and services in various channels besides email.

A campaign, in the field of advertising, refers to the action plan or course of action on how to promote goods or services through different channels.

Email Ad Sizes

It is important to consider the right email ad sizes even though email ads are digitized converts made in Outlook, Gmail, and other sites. And the standard email ad size follows these dimensions:

email ad sizes

Email Ad Ideas & Examples

Looking for more inspiration, tips, ideas, and other examples of email ads? You are guaranteed to come up with high effectiveness in your next email ad designs following these excellent email ad ideas and examples:

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How do I make a good email ad?

A good email ad is when your goals align with the email, you know your audience very well, the email ad’s message is personalized, and the basic parts of an email ad are included.

How do I advertise via email?

You can advertise via email by designing an email ad, email banner, email newsletter, or marketing email and sending it to the rightful recipients.

What should be in an advertising email?

An advertising email should have a headline, name of subscriber, mail message, email format, images, and call-to-action.

Why businesses use email ads

Solid email ads help businesses reach their target audience in a personalized approach while also boosting sales in a cost-effective way.

How to create email ads

You can make email ads by using and editing email ad templates in various formats such as an email ad in HTML template.

Should you include your subscribers’ names in your email ads?

Yes, including the subscribers’ names is important in an email ad to connect with your audiences on a personal level.

How do I send advertising emails legally?

Marketing laws generally recommend asking for permission from specific recipients about them receiving advertising emails or campaigns.

How to make an email ad using Photoshop

Take advantage of creating and customizing email ad templates in Photoshop (PSD).

How to effectively use advertising in your email campaigns

The key is to strategize such as personalizing the email campaign’s message, segmenting subscribers, automating every email campaign, and using mobile-compatible email formats.

How can publishers get started with native email ads?

You can use the Google Ad Manager and other monetization platforms that let you come up with programmatic ads on websites.

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