Photo Frames

Photo frames make photographs more beautiful than they already are. They’re good for display on walls, tabletops, and shelves.

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Photo Frame Definition & Meaning

A photo frame is a protective outer component where a picture is contained for display.

A photo frame serves as a decorative edging of photographs usually made of handmade woodwork.

What Is a Photo Frame?

A photo frame contains a picture with a decorative border and a transparent glass surface. And thanks to the technology we have today, there are also digital frames. Photo frames have an elegant design that contributes to a photograph’s aesthetic quality.

10 Types of Photo Frame

Family Photo Frame

The designs of family photo frames are simple but perfectly capture the love expressed by family members in a photograph.

family photo frame

Wall Photo Frame

Wall photo frames are designed to be mounted on walls and are usually large. You can insert self-portraits and paintings in them.

wall photo frame

Birthday Photo Frame

If you have birthday photos of yourself, your friends, and your kids, the most ideal frame to put them in include birthday photo frames with festive clipart.

birthday photo frame

Wedding Photo Frame

Wedding photo frames look beautiful as they should be and usually have flower cliparts as they seamlessly complement the romantic aura of wedding ceremony photos and wedding anniversary photos.

wedding photo frame

Collage Photo Frame

If you want multiple pictures in one frame, what you need are collage photo frames. They’re simply the proper frames for collage-type photographs.

collage photo frame

Background Photo Frame

Background photo frames have eye-pleasing backgrounds as part of their designs. Some of them have quillings and the digital ones have eye-pleasing graphic designs.

background photo frame

Personalized Photo Frame

You can encase your selfies and personal pictures in a personalized photo frame. It’s easy to make and has many available templates online.

personalized photo frame

Art Photo Frame

Art photo frames are perfect frames for artwork and artistic photographs. They can be in any shape such as round or rectangle, and they can have simple or stylish designs.

art photo frame

Gift Photo Frame

If you plan to give a picture to someone as a present, encase it in a gift photo frame. This type of frame is designed to look like gift wrappers with ribbons.

gift photo frame

Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are perfect for digital photographs, you can easily upload and share them on social media. Just like physical photo frames, they also have a certain elegance that further beautifies photographs.

digital photo frame

Photo Frame Uses, Purpose, Importance

Photographs and pictures are pretty enough all by themselves. However, that doesn’t mean photo frames don’t have their uses and benefits.

Improve Image Aesthetics

Photo frames can improve the aesthetics of an image. Even simple, minimalist images will look elegant and high-class.

Keeps the Viewers Focused on the Image

Photo frames can grab the attention of people and help keep their eyes focused on the images they contain. Their borders have a lot to do with that.

Protect Photographs

Printed pictures can fade and suffer other types of deterioration over time. With photo frames, their lifespan can be prolonged for many, many years.

Used as Home Decorations

Photo frames are great additions to your home decor. They help make your home feel more like home. Hanging them on your walls is like making a designated memory lane in your house.

What’s In a Photo Frame?


The border makes up the sides of the photo frame and can be referred to as the frame itself.


The background is the layout you see behind and around the photo. It can be a simple color or an entire digital artwork.


The clipart is the small graphic designs and illustrations you see around the photo frame. It could depict objects such as ribbons and flowers.


The picture/photo is front and center of the frame. It’s what the photo frame is displaying for the viewers to see.

what’s in a photo frame

How to Design a Photo Frame?

Follow these steps to build photo frames on your own:

1. Select a photo frame size.

2. Identify the needed photo frame type.

3. Choose a photo frame template.

4. Insert your photo.

5. Change the background.

6. Finalize and print.

how to design a photo frame

Photo Frame vs Picture Frame

A photo frame serves as a casing and outer decor of a photograph.

A picture frame is used to protect and improve the ornamental value of images, paintings, and other visual artworks created on paper materials.

What’s the Difference Between a Photo Frame, Photo Collage, and Portrait?

A photo frame is used to encase and add outer decorations to a picture.

A photo collage is a single picture consisting of multiple photos put together as one.

A portrait is a photograph or painting of a person captured or created artistically.

Photo Frame Sizes

These are the standard photo frame sizes:

photo frame sizes

Photo Frame Ideas & Examples

Check out these amazing photo frame ideas to obtain references on how to make your own.

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How to Make a Photo Frame?

Download a photo frame template and customize it in a photo frame maker.

What Is the Best Digital Photo Frame?

The best digital photo frames for your photo are the ones that complement its aesthetics.

How Do You Transfer Photos to a Digital Photo Frame?

Download a digital photo frame template, open it in a photo frame maker app, and insert your saved photos in it.

How to Make a DIY Photo Booth Frame?

The most basic thing to do is to use cardboard and cut out its middle parts.

How to Design a Photo Frame in MS Word?

Download a photo frame template designed for MS Word, open it in MS Word, and start customizing.

How to Transfer Photos from a Digital Photo Frame to a Computer?

Save your photos in a USB flash drive, plug it into your computer, open your USB folders, locate the photos, and transfer them to your computer’s folders.

What Is the Best Color Frame for Black and White Photos?

Gold is the best color frame for black and white photos.

How to Add a Photo Frame in Photoshop?

Go to the Layers panel, select Layer from Background, insert image, select canvass size, and indicate the number of pixels to insert around the photo.

What Is a Float Photo Frame?

A float photo frame is a unique type of frame that’s not pressed behind a glass surface and is designed to make the photo/artwork seem floating inside the frame.

What to Look for When Buying a Photo Frame?

When buying a photo frame, make sure that the wood or metal it’s made of is of excellent quality.

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