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Table of Contents

  1. Photo Collage Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is A Photo Collage?
  3. 10 Types of Photo Collage
  4. Photo Collage Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Photo Collage? Parts?
  6. How To Design a Photo Collage?
  7. Photo Collage Vs. Grid
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Photo Collage, Photo Montage, and Photo Frame?
  9. Photo Collage Sizes
  10. Photo Collage Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Photo Collage

Photo Collages

Photo collages are compilations or collections of images and pictures that persons or groups put together to create a single photo. Photo collages are creative pieces of art that individuals can use to construct breathtaking products.

Photo Collage Definition & Meaning

A photo collage is a picture that individuals make by compiling and forming photos on a cloth or piece of paper.

These collages take time to design and produce, with people making them using a computer program or software or completely handmade.

What Is A Photo Collage?

A photo collage is a form of visual artistry that incorporates visual elements, such as professional photography, in developing a new vision that conveys a specific idea, story, or message. The word collage comes from the French word collér, meaning to glue, and more often than not, it is the primary means of combining photographs and other elements for new artwork. Photo collages use images, pictures, and photographs from magazines, newspapers, and other print materials, applying them to a blank canvas for a new layout.

10 Types of Photo Collage

Birthday Photo Collage

Celebrate a birthday occasion by creating a birthday photo collage using various visual elements that can accentuate the party theme. Use animal prints for a zoo-themed birthday or clip arts of trees, flowers, and other nature-themed objects to add to the portrait. Use a modern photo editor or handcraft the collage to make it more heartfelt and meaningful to the person celebrating their birthday.

birthday photo collage

Family Photo Collage

Celebrate the gift of a family with a beautiful family photo collage to commemorate all the unforgettable memories and moments to look back on forever. Incorporate all the happy faces of relatives through the years during different events and occasions that light up the entire room. When creating the collage, it is best to use natural and unfiltered photos that will always make it one for the books.

family photo collage

Wedding Photo Collage

Love is always worth celebrating, and what better way to showcase the love between two people than a gorgeous and intimate wedding? Collate the multiple photographs of the happy couple into a heart-shaped canvas and send them as a gift, or incorporate the collage into a video presentation during the wedding ceremony, looking back on the memories between the couple. The couple can have the option to display the wedding photo collage in their home or bedroom to remember the memorable occasion.

wedding photo collage

Travel Photo Collage

People travel to gain experiences, feel different cultures, eat delicious food and cuisine, and meet people of various beliefs and ethnicity to expand their knowledge about diverse places, cultures, and groups of people. Nowadays, it is easier to store memories and experiences through blog posts, personal websites, and other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Generate a travel photo collage to post on a digital channel, use a custom wallpaper, or display as framed artwork.

travel photo collage

Storyboard Photo Collage

A photo storyboard or collage is a visual outline or representation to display multiple images or similar photos to organize information or develop a story. Individuals can utilize storyboards to draw ideas, write ideas, or both, usually a single-page document with panels or blocks containing the flow of stories and ideas logically. Create a comprehensive storyboard photo collage for your next project, editable in photo editing applications like Adobe Photoshop.

storyboard photo collage

Anniversary Photo Collage

People celebrate significant dates like anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions by presenting handwritten letters, cards, and unique gifts. The number of these presents is irrelevant, especially when a person gives it with sincerity. Try something new by creating an anniversary photo collage containing a plethora of memories and events from years before.

anniversary photo collage

Holiday Photo Collage

Every holiday consists of fond and unforgettable memories that family, friends, and colleagues share and celebrate throughout the year. Make each one special by taking lots of photos and videos, from funny moments to more intimate ones, and remember that sharing the time with special people in our lives is worth remembering. Cherish and capture these memories by incorporating photographs and still images in a creative holiday photo collage.

holiday photo collage

Fashion Photo Collage

Various fashion companies and industries hold annual fashion shows to showcase and launch their newest collections by giving a glimpse to artists, influencers, and the media, making each one memorable for the public. Behind the scenes, designers and production teams work tirelessly to combine their ideas and visions to create a program that entices the viewers. Develop a fashion photo collage to create a visual storyline of the sets of clothing, apparel, and accessories the fashion show presents to its patrons.

fashion photo collage

Wall Photo Collage

Memories will always live in photographs. Photographs capture and document events and experiences, keeping them for the longest time. Photography allows individuals to see little details that they might have missed or forgotten during a particular situation and want to remember them. Place these photographs together in a wall photo collage, and continue adding to the collection with each new adventure.

wall photo collage

School Photo Collage

Educational institutions encourage students to complete and develop school photo collages about different subjects and topics to foster creativity and enhance story-telling skills. These collages also help students develop their collaborative, communication, and interpersonal skills when interacting with their fellow students. View our example of an editable school photo collage for your next school project.

school photo collage

Photo Collage Uses, Purpose, Importance

Making a photo collage is more than just compiling photos and different materials together; it is a form of art that people create to remember details about past experiences or create a new visual artwork altogether. The list below informs individuals of the multiple uses and importance of creating a photo collage.

It Tells a Story

A person does not need to be very creative or be thoroughly accustomed to design to create photo collages. Photo collages allow people to show their family trips and vacations, the journey of a couple through their ups and downs before their marriage, or a visual representation of a student’s high school life leading to graduation. Select the best images, photographs, and other scrapbooking elements that best represent the experience.

Displays a Photo Collection with Ease

It is more likely for an individual to capture moments in photographs more than once, having them browse through multiple numbers of prints to showcase. Photo collages make it easier for groups, individuals, expert photographers, and visual artists to display a variety of photosets, making it simple and convenient. People use various themes to catch the audience’s attention, and businesses also utilize them in their digital content and portfolios.

Helps Represent Progress

Many photo collages show transitions from one stage to another. Many individuals use them to document the progress of their child’s first year, a child’s school years, and even the progress of a couple towards their wedding day. Collecting all the photographs, items, or trinkets associated with these events and incorporating them in the photo collage makes it more meaningful.

Enhances Creativity and Style

Plain photo displays in frames can be dull on a bare wall. Individuals can experiment and become more creative and adventurous with designing and displaying photographs through a photo collage. There is no need for an individual to master artistry or take a design course in college to create beautiful and captivating collages, as you can get ideas from online sites like Pinterest.

Creating Photo Collages Can Be Therapeutic

For many individuals, organizing things like photographs and incorporating different elements into them like shapes and other decorative pieces is therapeutic. It is a form of emotional release, like a breath of fresh air. Creating something a new material out of different elements coming together to form meaningful objects can bring back memories and help construct new ones.

What’s in a Photo Collage? Parts?


The main element of any photo collage work is the photographs. The images that an individual incorporates into the collage range from cutouts from magazines, newspapers, and other printed materials, printed photos from various websites, or personal images the person has taken from a smartphone or a camera.


Many photo collages incorporate shapes to add uniqueness and creativity. These shapes make the visual artwork distinct from others, pairing these shapes together to form new and meaningful images.


Several photo collages incorporate text elements to accompany photos and other components to enhance the overall presentation of the artwork. Individuals can also comprise texts with various fonts, including cursive, serif, sans serif, or fancy.


Photo collages consist of many photos in different shapes and sizes. Frames provide a distinct look for each photograph and accommodate them into the art piece to create depth and still keep each image separate on its own.


Individuals use different materials for the background of their photo collage. The materials range from cloth, fabrics, colorful papers, and hard stock materials, depending on the theme and what the person wants to achieve.

whats in a photo collage parts

How To Design a Photo Collage?

1. Determine the Photo Collage Size

2. Specify the Purpose of Creating the Photo Collage

3. Pick the Photo Collage Template

4. Prepare the Photographs and Visual Elements for the Collage

5. Formulate a Theme To Use for the Collage

6. Combine All the Materials To Complete the Photo Collage

how to design a photo collage

Photo Collage Vs. Grid

Photo collages are visual art forms that emphasize the use of photos and other visual elements to tell a story or share an idea with its viewers.

Meanwhile, photo grids are more traditional marketing tools, displaying more of the product information for viewers and consumers rather than showing a variety of product photos.

What’s the Difference Between a Photo Collage, Photo Montage, and Photo Frame?

Photo collages are a collection of photographs, images, and other visual elements to create a new artwork that tells a story, a message, or an idea.

A photo montage is an assembly of several photographs or images relating to each other to produce a combination or sequence of visual images to create an entirely new picture.

A photo frame is an object that holds a photograph or series of pictures made out of wood, plastic, glass, or metal for display.

Photo Collage Sizes

Standardized dimensions enable individuals to print the collage on high-quality photo paper for the best image quality when making photo collages using an online editing website or a photo editing software. The list below details the different photo collage sizes individuals can print on photo paper.

photo collage sizes

Photo Collage Ideas & Examples

People can make photo collages to remember special events and memories in the past, creating a new visual art form as a gift or a decoration. Businesses can also utilize making a photo collage for different purposes and events, similar to our list of templates of photo collage ideas and examples below, using an Android or Apple phone.


How do I make a photo collage on iPhone?

Mac products, like an iPhone, have applications an individual can download to create a photo collage by uploading the photos on the app and saving the final product on the phone.

How to make a photo collage on Facebook?

Facebook now has an auto collage feature that allows users to upload multiple photos and select a layout for the set of photos.

How to design a photo collage in Photoshop?

Begin by opening the Adobe Photoshop application, click the File menu, select New for a blank image, set the dimensions to the desired photo size, open the photos for the collage in the application, and select and drag the pictures to the file photo collage.

How to make a wedding photo collage with music?

Open a media-editing application like Adobe Express, select the format for the workspace, select a theme, incorporate the music, and save the work for the photo collage.

What is the best way to make a photo collage?

The best way to make a photo collage is by using ready-made and editable photo collage templates through an online website or photo editing software.

How do I print photo collages using Illustrator?

To print a photo collage in Illustrator, open the photo collage file in the Adobe Illustrator application or create the photo collage file using the program, click the File menu, and select Print.

What does a photo collage look like?

A photo collage is a collection of images that tells a story, shares an idea, or delivers a message to its target audience.

How to create a digital photo collage?

To create a digital photo collage, individuals can choose to upload and combine images through an online website or a photo editing application like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Express.

What is the best program to make a photo collage?

The best program to make a photo collage is Adobe Spark.

How do you create a photo collage in Microsoft Word?

Create a photo collage in Microsoft Word by using the Developer tab, selecting the Picture Content Control option, adding all the image slots you need, uploading the image, and editing the dimensions for each photo by dragging the sides of each photo.

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