Table of Content Ideas

Table of contents can look different based on the kind of writing it precedes. Here are some design ideas and examples you can check out to make your table of contents creative and professional. table-of-content-ideas

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Table of Content

Table of Content Ideas and Examples

Whether it’s for a magazine, portfolio, or website, how your table of contents will look, can contribute to how easy your written word can be read. The following examples below can help you format your table of contents. You can add to this table of content ideas and examples to make them unique.


Students Table of Content Ideas and Examples

A student’s table of content design is suitable for academic content made by students. Whether it’s for a school project, school magazine, or a research paper; our students table of content got your back. You can download, edit, and print it any way you prefer.


Proposal Table of Contents Ideas and Examples

You might need to make a loan for financial purposes. In that regard, check out our proposal table of contents to organize your document’s content when you submit your loan proposal. Here’s an example you can use to download, edit, and print.


SOP Table of Content Ideas and Examples

Take a look at our SOP table of contents which can help your readers navigate the standard operating procedures of your company, university, or institution. With this organized design, you are guaranteed to layout your contents and pages, therefore, guiding your readers through your SOP manuals, handbooks, or guidebooks. You can use this example to download and print.


Class Table of Content Ideas and Examples

Making content for your class in architecture or in digital work? Or perhaps a yearbook for your batch? If so, then you can make use of this professional class yearbook table of contents design for your fellow classmates, schoolmates, and batchmates.


Geometric Table of Content Ideas and Examples

Whether it is for a math lesson or a visual guide, this geometric table of contents can be applicable to any material aimed at geometry-related content. You can even add cool graphics which will be a hit for your readers. Check out this example and inspire yourself to create one in no time.


Book Table of Content Ideas and Examples

Books are a writer’s canvas, containing fictional stories filled with a world fantasy, or perhaps non-fictional content about a particular subject or topic. With all the number of pages used to fill a book, readers may find it hard to locate a specific chapter without the help of a table of contents. Help readers search through novels, journals, and other writings using our book table of contents. You can use this, especially in the modern editions of books.


Thesis Table of Content Ideas and Examples

A thesis paper contains many chapters, which start from the introduction down to its conclusion. Plus, mastering how to write it in APA is already a tedious task to do, whether one is an undergraduate student or a graduate student. Luckily, offers a sample design of a thesis table of content, that may assist students and professional researchers to create one with convenience.


Business Plan Table of Content Ideas and Examples

Whether it is in the beauty industry, an online shop, or a movie studio, business plans can be long. With a business plan table of content, you can easily show just how organized your content is. Check out this example for inspiration.


Research Proposal Table of Content Ideas and Examples

A research proposal table of contents is a big help for professors when they flip through the pages. It can help them know the location of whatever information/content they want to read. Take this example and use it for your own design on your research paper!



Should references be included in the table of contents?

Yes, since references are a part of the writing, especially in a research document for example.

What is a table of contents in research?

In research, a table of contents is a list of the chapters or sections of a paper or study.

How do you organize a table of contents?

To make an organized layout, list the sections or chapters in your content and then list them in order of appearance.

Does the table of contents count as a page?

Not always, because in writing pieces like novels the table of contents is not part of the numbered pages.

What is TOC in writing?

TOC is a short form for Tale of Contents which is an element in writing that helps readers navigate through content.

Why is a Table of Contents so essential?

A table of contents is essential because they give readers awareness of the type of content they will be looking through.

When should we update the table of contents?

You should update your table of contents if there is a new section or chapter added to your content.

How to customize the Table of Contents?

To customize your table of contents you can change the font and size to reflect the style of your written work.

Is a list of figures and tables mandatory?

No, a list of figures and tables is not mandatory when making your table of contents if they do not apply or are not found inside your document.

What is a TOC report?

A TOC report is a table of contents specifically made for reports whether it’s for a business or an essay.