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Tickets are usually handy, one that can fit in your purse or slip into your pocket, and you could determine the appropriate size of a ticket by determining its function or purpose. Whether you need to create a ticket for discounts, a game show, or a party invitation, picking out the right size is important so you may be able to include all the graphics and incorporate all its details.

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Ticket Sizes Standard

A ticket’s size matters only if you are able to determine beforehand what purpose will it serve, take for example a BBQ dinner raffle ticket should have a stub that is detachable, or perhaps airline tickets can still follow the standard size but stubs are usually not included since a separate boarding pass for flights is issued after check-in. Here are the following standard ticket sizes that you can choose from.

Raffle Tickets Size Type (5.63” × 1.97”)

Its equivalent in centimeters is 14.3 cm × 5 cm with stubs. This size type is commonly used for raffle and lottery tickets.

Event tickets Size Type (1.97? × 5.63?)

Its equivalent in centimeters is 5 cm × 14.3 cm with stubs. This is commonly used in events such as concerts, plays, and other ceremonies.

Tickets without Stubs Size Type (5.5? × 2.125?)

Its equivalent is 14 cm × 5.4 cm and is common in small or private events which can be considered as an invitation.

Roll tickets Size Type (1.83″ × 2″ and 2″ × 3.25″)

Roll tickets are small tickets that are used in carnivals, movies, amusement parks, and centers.

Ticket Sizes for Digital – Social Media


If you need to post a ticket image on Facebook, the recommended size is 1200 × 628 pixels or an aspect ratio of 1.91:1.

facebook ticket size


For Instagram posts, tickets work well when they are in a portrait layout with an average size of 1080 × 1350 pixels, and the supported aspect ratios are between 1.91:1 and 4:5.

instagram ticket size


When posting a ticket image on Twitter, an average minimum size is 600 × 335 pixels is used. Supported image formats are GIF, JPG, and PNG.

twitter ticket size

Ticket Sizes for Print

Before you can print out your ticket, decide on the printable space where you need to print all relevant information if you need to include a stub which would require using longer sheets of card stock or paper, as well as pre-perforating the stub to make them easier to tear off. You can still take into account the standard sizes mentioned in this article once you have decided to print out the tickets.

ticket sizes for print

Ticket Sizes for Email

E-tickets are quite popular nowadays; once a customer pays online, instead of mailing a physical copy, an electronic ticket copy is sent via email instead, and since e-tickets can be shared with anyone, they must have anti-counterfeit features. So when sending a virtual ticket copy via email, the image size should be around 600–620 px wide while the length is often adjustable to the design and attachments should be 20MB for Outlook, 25MB for Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

ticket sizes for email

Ticket Sizes for Business

Most tickets that are used for business purposes are those that generate sales and revenue for the organizers and companies, so the standard ticket sizes that are mentioned earlier apply. These are common in amusement parks; transportation such as airplanes, ferries, and trains; music events, movie shows; and sports tournaments like baseball and basketball, since all these places and events require a ticket for entry and to admit people to the venue.

ticket sizes for business

Ticket Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

When designing a ticket using Adobe Photoshop, the required dimensions for event tickets are 18263 pixels × 7150 pixels, or for smaller or vintage ticket stubs, sizes should be around 500 px × 300 px. Vintage tickets are best applied for food machines or when watching in a theater.

ticket sizes for adobe photoshop

Ticket Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Common sizes used when creating a ticket using Illustrator are 2 × 5.5 inches for smaller ones, while larger ones are either 8.5 × 2.75 inches or 8.5 × 3.5 inches.

ticket sizes for adobe illustrator


What is a ticket size?

Ticket size is the dimension of the ticket and is determined by several factors.

What is ticket size in private equity?

In terms of private equity, a ticket size is another term for investments or funds made to a company.

What is ticket size and basket size in retail?

An average ticket size in retails refers to the revenue and the total number of customers, and a basket size is the number of products sold in a single purchase.

What size are standard tickets?

The standard blank ticket sizes are 5.63” × 1.97” or 14.3 cm × 5 cm, 5.5? × 2.125? or 14 cm × 5.4 cm, 1.83″ × 2″, and 2″ × 3.25″.

What size is a typical ticket?

The typical ticket size is 5.63” × 1.97” or 14.3 cm × 5 cm with stubs.

What is the length of a concert ticket?

The average length of a concert ticket is 5.63 inches or 14.3 cm.

What is the ticket size formula?

The formula to calculate an average ticket size is by dividing the total that is spent per day by the amount of tickets.

What is a ticket resolution?

Tickets are widely used by customer service which records the interaction between an agent and the customers; in this case, a ticket resolution is used to track how tickets are solved.

What is ticket volume?

For those handling inquiries and issues, a ticket volume refers to the amount of tickets in your support queue over a period of time.

What is ticket deflection?

In customer support, a ticket deflection is the decreased number of tickets that are submitted to customer service agents.

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