Wallpapers are used to decorate walls of public and private buildings, however, with the advancement of technology, these also serve as a digital background for different kinds of electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones. These materials come in a wide array of designs from simple to complex patterns.

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Wallpaper Definition & Meaning

Wallpaper is a material used to design building walls and is also used to decorate computer desktops and mobile phone backgrounds.

Wallpapers are referred to as backgrounds that make use of static or animated images.

What Is a Wallpaper?

Wallpapers are decorative background designs that are used to enhance and further beautify a plain wall. For electronic devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, users may find a default wallpaper or desktop background that can be readily changed and customized. Still or animated images could be used as wallpapers, however, some devices do not support animated wallpapers.

10 Types of Wallpapers

Wedding Name Wallpaper

Wedding name wallpapers are popular design backgrounds that are used to decorate all kinds of mobile phones and desktops. By using a wedding name wallpaper guests are well aware of who is about to get married. This image can also be used as a layout for invitations and electronic greeting cards.

wedding name wallpaper

Abstract White Wallpaper

For those who love minimalistic designs then an abstract white wallpaper is a perfect choice. This type of wallpaper is simple yet elegant as most abstract designs are pleasing to look at. This works well for those who prefer quiet or neutral colors.

abstract white wallpaper

Farmers Day Wallpaper Background

Support and celebrate Farmer’s Day with this classic farmer’s day wallpaper background. This wallpaper can be used to brighten up a kid’s mobile phone or a website. It is specifically designed to honor all hard-working farmers in the community.

farmers day wallpaper background

Pink Flower Wallpaper

Flowers are popular layout designs that are used for holidays such as Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day and events such as weddings and birthdays. That said, this pink flower wallpaper makes a fitting desktop background for those who adore flowers, especially pink ones such as roses, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, and carnations. Anyone can also use this wallpaper for their blogs, posters, greeting cards, and websites.

pink flower wallpaper

Cute Wedding Mobile Wallpaper

Weddings need not be traditional or classic as couples can always add a touch of something playful and whimsical to their wedding theme. Take for example this cute wedding mobile wallpaper which is artistically designed to represent the adorable side of the couple. Use this to decorate any mobile phone to commemorate the couple’s wedding ceremony.

cute wedding mobile wallpaper

Christmas Mobile Wallpaper

Christmas mobile wallpapers are specifically designed for anyone who is in the mood to celebrate Christmas. As one of the most celebrated holidays, Christmas wallpapers come in a variety of designs and layouts. Wallpapers of this kind are either animated or static images that come with alluring Christmas colors.

christmas mobile wallpaper

iPhone Beach Wallpaper

This iPhone beach wallpaper is perfect for any beach or summer-loving iPhone user. When summer rolls in, this beach wallpaper will keep anyone in the mood to go to the beach and have some fun. Anyone can download or share this wallpaper with a fellow beach enthusiast.

iphone beach wallpaper

Blue Anime Wallpaper

One of the most popular wallpaper designs is of various anime characters just like this blue anime wallpaper. Anime wallpapers can be downloaded and set as backgrounds for tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and computers. Also, a lot of enthusiasts make use of anime wallpapers that have a 4K resolution, especially for animated or live images.

blue anime wallpaper

Cute Preppy Wallpaper

This cute preppy wallpaper is an ideal background design for those who love color combined with a touch of cuteness. Preppy wallpapers come in a wide variety of designs such as animals, plants, fruits, etc. which can be pleasing and fun to look at. And what’s great about this design is that anyone can practically use it anywhere from mobile phones to websites.

cute preppy wallpaper

Pastel Purple Wallpaper

This simple yet artistic pastel purple wallpaper is specifically crafted for those who are fond of pastel colors. The beauty of pastel colors is that they are pleasant and easy to look at which makes it a popular background design. And they work for almost anything from websites and wedding backgrounds to anime-inspired wallpapers.

pastel purple wallpaper

Wallpaper Uses, Purpose, Importance

Wallpapers may be used to decorate building walls and different kinds of electronic devices, however, they can be more than just an embellishment. These are not merely for visual purposes but a whole lot more.

Reflects One’s Personality

When choosing a wallpaper this would often reflect one’s personality and preferences. Each individual is unique and so is their or style and the manner they represent themselves. This is why choosing your own wallpaper is a quiet or a strong representation of one’s self.


Sometimes people change their wallpapers to reflect their current state or mood. If they are happy or in mourning, their wallpapers are often a reflection of their feelings. This why also why wallpapers can be customized and specifically designed to match anyone’s needs and requirements.


The main purpose of wallpapers is that these are used to decorate, well walls and electronic devices. Initially, wallpapers are decorative materials and are applied by using a wallpaper paste and still widely used by a lot of businesses and homeowners. Also, wallpapers are background images of a graphical user interface of a computer or mobile device’s screen.

Transmit A Message

Wallpapers may have simple or sophisticated designs, but altogether some of its users rely on wallpapers to transmit a message, subtle or not. Take, for example, wedding or birthday wallpapers that can be used as a way to greet or show support for a particular event. Others would use wallpapers to transmit what they currently feel with images or words written on the wallpaper.


Whether wallpapers are used to cover up a dull background or blemishes, this material or image is used to bring forth one’s creativity. Wallpapers can be downloaded around the internet or for a more personal touch, customized by anyone. Customizing your wallpaper enhances your creativity which who knows can turn into a business endeavor.

What’s in a Wallpaper? Parts?


Images are the heart of the wallpaper since they make up the overall design and concept. Images are either in static or animated format.

Size and Resolution

Another important feature of wallpaper is its size and resolution. These features are essential when preparing or choosing wallpaper so the image won’t stretch or look distorted on a computer or mobile phone screen.

Color Scheme

To further enhance a wallpaper’s design, it is important to determine its color scheme to match any theme. Images may be enough for some, however, a lot of wallpaper designs have incorporated a combination of colors and images.


Although not mandatory, wallpapers that are used for business or even for personal use may have a statement incorporated in their design. This is an added design feature that often compliments the image.

what’s in a wallpaper parts 788x950

How to Design a Wallpaper

1. Pick a Wallpaper Size.

2. Determine the main purpose of the wallpaper.

3. Select a Wallpaper Template.

4. Add static or animated images.

5. Include any messages, if applicable.

6. Finalize, save, and download.

how to design a wallpaper 788x

Wallpaper vs. Clip Art

Wallpaper is a decorative image that is used to renovate building walls or brighten up a background of a graphical user interface on the screen of various electronic devices.

The clip art is classic pre-designed images and symbols that are added to documents.

What’s the Difference Between a Wallpaper, Meme, & Vector?

Wallpaper is a material that is used to design different kinds of walls or a computer graphic or digital image that is set on a desktop or mobile background.

A meme is an image, statement, or video that is used to entertain or sometimes subtly ridicule through imitating a person that is often associated with a certain theme or event.

Vectors are digital images/graphics that are accurately designed based on mathematical formulas or geometric shapes that look more clean-cut and sharp.

Wallpaper Sizes

There are different wallpaper sizes and layouts that anyone can use to enhance their electronic devices and walls. With that said, you can choose from a variety of commonly used sizes that work for specific types of devices and building walls.

Building Walls

Wallpaper Roll Standard Size: 21×16.5 inches (single roll), 21×33 inches (double roll)


  • Standard Definition: 4:3(aspect ratio), 640×480 (resolution)
  • High Definition: 16:9(aspect ratio), 1280×720 (resolution)
  • Full High Definition: 16:9(aspect ratio), 1920×1080 (resolution)
  • Quad-HD: 16:9(aspect ratio), 2560×1440 (resolution)
  • 4K/Ultra High Definition: 16:9(aspect ratio), 3840×2160 (resolution)

Mobile Phones

  • iPhones: 16.9(aspect ratio), 1000×2500 resolution/pixel size range depending on the iPhone model
  • Android: 16.9(aspect ratio), 640×960 pixels (smaller images), 1240×1920 (larger images)

wallpaper sizes 788x

Wallpaper Ideas & Examples

What’s great about wallpapers is that anyone can choose any design they want for their background images and you can get as creative as you can since wallpapers are customizable. Gather inspiration from wallpaper ideas and examples to help you design one.

  • Wedding Backdrop Mobile Wallpaper Ideas and Examples
  • Pride Wallpaper Ideas and Examples
  • Beach Desktop Wallpaper Ideas and Examples
  • Preppy Fall Wallpaper Ideas and Examples
  • Aesthetic International Yoga Day Wallpaper Ideas and Examples
  • Fall iPhone Wallpaper Ideas and Examples
  • Wedding Anniversary Mobile Wallpaper Ideas and Examples
  • Neon Red Aesthetic Wallpaper Ideas and Examples
  • Winter Wallpaper Background Ideas and Examples
  • Dark Space Wallpaper Ideas and Examples


What is the difference between wallpaper and a screensaver?

Wallpaper and screensavers are used to decorate a desktop or mobile device, however, a wallpaper makes use of static and animated images while screensavers are usually animated and usually appear when the computer becomes idle for some time.

Why use wallpapers?

Wallpapers are widely used to decorate one’s wall or digital devices making them more pleasing to look at.

What is a phone home screen?

When you turn on or open your mobile phone the first thing you see is a home screen where different kinds of icons and applications are found.

How do you change computer or mobile wallpaper?

To change a computer’s wallpaper, position your cursor on the desktop, select wallpaper, and then change the background, while for mobile devices, go to settings and click on wallpapers, and select an image from your photo gallery.

Can wallpapers be animated?

Yes, wallpapers can be animated and users should make use of files that are in GIFs or videos.

What are the most popular wallpaper designs?

The most commonly used wallpaper designs are abstract, geometric, botanical, minimalist, and vintage.

Can you use wallpaper on a website?

Yes, wallpapers can be used to design a website’s background just make sure to find the right size to make it fit and not stretch the image.

How do you set a wallpaper for a website?

The simplest way to set a specific wallpaper for a website is to make use of a CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) with the <style> tag using GIF, JPG, PNG, or other image file formats.

What is a 4K wallpaper?

4K wallpapers are ultra-high-definition background images with a resolution of 3840 × 2160.

What materials are used to create wallpapers?

Materials used to create wallpapers for building walls are acrylic-coated or vinyl-coated paper, foil, grasscloth, fabric, etc. while digital wallpapers consist of different kinds of images carefully designed and put together.

What kind of wallpapers is good for the eyes?

Light-colored or those with darker shade wallpapers are much more pleasant to look out for if you feel that your eyes are too sensitive to bright or neon colors.

What kind of wallpaper is best suited for building walls?

It is highly recommended to use vinyl wallpaper because it is durable is made out of a thick material that can withstand steam.

Does wallpaper affect one’s mood?

It depends on one’s perception, but sometimes it plays a part in affecting one’s mood like darker shades may help you keep calm or might increase one’s melancholy.

Does a wallpaper affect your phone or computer’s performance?

This would depend on the wallpaper’s resolution/size and there are minimal effects but overall your phone or PC’s performance will work just fine.

Will wallpapers affect the battery life of a phone?

Again this will depend on the phone’s model as some models with AMOLED screens tend to drain a phone’s battery especially if the wallpaper is bright and in high definition.

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