Diwali signals the brightest five-day celebration in the Hindu calendar. Also referred to as Deepawali, it is a fun festival of lights where colorful lanterns, fireworks, and flashy decor are apparent among groups of people who celebrate the event. diwali-deepavali

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Diwali Definition & Meaning

Diwali refers to a “row of lights” which is a festival where spectacles of shining lights are observed by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains around the globe.

Typically celebrated for five days from October to December, Diwali signifies the belief of how light overpowers darkness.

When Is Diwali?

Depending on the Hindu calendar, Deepawali is typically observed in late October and early November for five whole days. What stays true is that it falls on the 13th day of Ashvina (dark lunar month) to the second day of Karttika (light lunar month).

Diwali Purpose, Importance

Why celebrate Diwali, you might ask? There is more to the practice behind showcasing flashing or gleaming lights. And here are some of the most notable reasons and important factors you need to know about this lit celebration:

Historical Purposes

Diwali is historical for many reasons such as how the Hindus honor this day for religious icons Sita, Rama, and Ayodhya. Lord Vishnu’s seventh incarnation is also observed for Deepawali. For the Sikhs, Diwali commemorates Hargobind Sing’s freedom from prison and the Golden Temple of Amritsar’s foundation. And the Jains remember Lord Mahavira, Jainism’s founder, for how he moved to Moksha or Nirvana during Diwali.

Positive Celebration for All

Indeed, Diwali is a light festival. But it is more than just the glowing displays because there are also lavish feasts, music and dance parades, community prayers, and other fun activities. To prove that light always wins against darkness, this celebration embraces positivity, which is Diwali’s symbolic spirit. Whether you spend this holiday with your soulmate, friends, or family, it is a delightful celebration filled with positivity.

Endless Lights for Visuals

What makes Diwali exciting are the many creative light displays such as vivacious fireworks, group candle lighting, rangoli lanterns, and luminous signs. This event makes sure that even at night, it feels like a bright day because of the eclectic light sources. And there are even lighting competitions held where you’d see showstopping light spectacles that would wow people of any age.

What’s in a Diwali?

The Diwali holiday conjures a series of Hindu traditions such as lighting a lamp or “diyas” containing oil at night. This practice is said to please the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi. In India, Diwali is said to go hand in hand with the Dussehra holiday. And you can expect the holiday to be as celebratory as Christmas or New Year with the family gatherings, feasts, and gifts expect Diwali is filled with lighting decorations such as the rangoli with luminous flower designs, a row of lit candles, and nonstop displays of fireworks.

How to Create a Diwali Social Media Post

Enlighten the world about what Diwali is and announce the upcoming celebration online via social media. The easiest approach is to optimize an eclectic collection of Diwali templates and check out the social media post formats. You only need these few steps to ace how to make a riveting Diwali social media post:


1. Open an easy-to-use Diwali Facebook post template.


Open Template.net on your browser. Search Diwali templates and head specifically to Diwali Facebook post templates for reference. Click the template you like and tap “Edit This Template FREE.”

2. Fill in the message boxes.


Inside Template.net’s Editor tool, move to the left and select “Fill.” A series of message boxes would appear where you can type in the text for your Diwali Facebook post. So write the text may it be a solemn Diwali greeting, facts about Deepawali, Diwali DIY food recipes, and more.

3. Input gleaming photos into the post.


See the “Graphics” tool found on the left menu of your screen? Click it to insert pictures and objects into your Diwali Facebook post. Design the template with beautiful lamp art, candle lighting symbols, light painting, or any form of aesthetic related to Diwali.

4. Bright backgrounds are highly recommended.


To make sure your FB post matches the bright theme of Diwali, then use wallpaper that screams a full glow. Click “Background” and you can choose an image as the wallpaper. Or, choose from the range of colors available to set the backdrop color.

5. Save the file and reserve it for the Diwali season.


Are you done editing your file? Go to the upper right and click “…” or the three-dotted icon. Next, tap “Save” and you can post your Diwali template on your Facebook account shortly.


1. Look for a downloadable Diwali Instagram post template to edit.


Go to Template.net and browse from the Diwali templates collection. Then, check out a list of free Diwali Instagram post templates to choose from. Choose your desired template and move to the Editor tool.

2. Write the texts.


The “Fill” button marks the text tool. Click it and manipulate the boxes given on your screen. Simply type your Diwali quotes, prayers, best wishes, status updates, or whatever message you want inside each box to showcase them in the Diwali Instagram post.

3. Add graphics to the post.


Click “Graphics” to insert visuals. You can include a photo of your family, a sketch of Lakshmi, a light sticker, a well-lit home drawing, and other graphics. Be sure to adjust the image size and position of each design until the output looks brilliant.

4. Incorporate a background, logo, or any other upload.


Don’t forget to click “Background,” “Upload,” or “Logo” since those are essential elements you might need to beautify your IG post. You can optimize a full HD wallpaper, a light party background, a Diwali crafts logo, or anything you like. Mind how much space you take over in a template though.

5. Preserve your progress and head to Instagram.


Finally, click the three-dotted on the top right and hit “Save.” When Diwali is fast approaching, you know what to post on Instagram already. And you can insert witty hashtags to make sure your IG post gets trending during the holiday.


1. Pick your favorite Diwali WhatsApp post template to customize.


Template.net lets you search different Diwali templates in various formats and designs. Browse ahead to Diwali WhatsApp post templates for free options. Then, click “Edit This Template FREE” to begin customizing it.

2. Use the Fill tool for the message.


Say what you need to say in a WhatsApp post by clicking “Fill.” Then, write your text on each of the boxes provided. You can use it to greet a happy Diwali for kids, announce a Diwali promotion sale, or the Diwali event agenda you are organizing.

3. Visuals are solved with the Graphics button.


Choose “Graphics” from the left menu and begin adding visuals to your post. You can include a Diwali dress paper design, an animated holiday vector sticker, a Diwali treats clipart, and other images. Decide the position and size of every object you add using the Graphics tool afterward.

4. Choose a striking background for the event.


Select “Background” and pick your preferred background color or background image for the Diwali WhatsApp post. You should see the preview on the right side for easy access to what the background looks like. Then, finalize the elements inside your post.

5. Remember to save everything.


Once you are through with designing the template, save your progress. Just press the three dots on the right and click “Save.” Visit WhatsApp and be sure to publish your work when Diwali comes soon.

Diwali vs Dussehra

Diwali or Deepawali is a 5-day celebration of lights, specifically how light always wins against the dark; it is observed from the near end of October to early November (October 24 in 2022).

Dussehra or Dasara is a 10-day holiday of Rama’s success in defeating the 10-headed demon Ravana; it is celebrated from the end of September to early October (October 5 in 2022).

Diwali Ideas & Examples

What should you do on Diwali besides gazing at the many creative display of lights in the neighborhood? Not to worry because you would spend this holiday productively when you take note of these interesting Diwali ideas and examples:

Diwali Ideas

The fact that Diwali happens for five days means that there are lots of activities you could do for the entire event. And these are some of the most highly-recommended Diwali ideas to consider in your to-do list:

  • Decorate your home with lanterns, rangolis, and lighting displays as they are the symbols to fight darkness.
  • Get new gold utensils and furniture for good luck and fortune.
  • Paint furniture or wear clothes with Diwali’s signature colors such as violet, white, pink, green, and brown.
  • Host parties with lots of special meals for your family, friends, and different communities to gather.
  • Thank the deity Lakshmi for all the blessings you received for the year through worship.
  • Exchange gifts with children, friends, families, and anyone for good deeds.
  • Watch Diwali-themed parades and firework events near you.
  • Create a poem, song, sketch, or story related to Diwali.
  • Consider many forms of entertainment such as music and dancing.
  • Most importantly, enjoy this whole event with your loved ones because Diwali’s light also comes from the love, affection, and memories you have with the people you love.

Diwali Examples

From social media posts, and posters, to banners, there are so many possible templates you can leverage when it comes to how you share and announce Diwali to different audiences. Take a look at these free and editable Diwali examples you can use for any purpose during the holiday:

1. Diwali Gift Voucher


2. Diwali Poster


3. Diwali Banner


4. Diwali Food Instagram Story


5. Diwali Celebration LinkedIn Post


6. Colorful Diwali Wishes Snapchat Geofilter


7. Diwali Sale Flyer


8. Diwali Party YouTube Banner


9. Diwali Greeting Card


10. Happy Deepawali Twitter Post



Why is Diwali celebrated?

Many reasons are part of Diwali’s celebration and the two most common reasons are how Rama defeated Ravana through clay lamp lighting and how Krishna eliminated Narakasura.

What does Diwali symbolize?

Diwali symbolizes light by lighting the world to protect people against spiritual darkness or evil beings.

Why do we wear new clothes on Diwali?

Wearing a new outfit during Diwali is thought to show a sign of respect, be excited for the upcoming festival, and for the sake of good fortune, especially if adorned with gold colors.

How did Diwali begin?

Histories from the Jain culture believed that lighting lamps for Diwali started during Mahavira’s nirvana way back from 527 BCE, the time when 18 kings discussed with Mahavira the teachings for lighting lamps in honor of Mahavira as the prime light.

What do you do on Diwali?

Clean the house and consider using new gold furniture for prosperity on the first day, light clay maps and observe colorful decors for day two, gather everyone together and worship Lakshmi on the third day or the actual Diwali date, and continue celebrating through gift exchanges, fireworks, music, dancing, and other celebratory practices for the fourth and the final day of Diwali.

Why is Deepavali called the festival of lights?

Diwali or Deepavali got its roots from “avali” meaning row and “deepa” meaning clay lamps; thus, the holiday is a row of lights to prove that light wins against darkness.

What are the rituals followed on Diwali?

Traditions and rituals observed on Diwali include shopping for new clothes and gold items, lighting the diyas or lamps, creating a rangoli, exchanging gifts among peers, and the other activities listed under Diwali Ideas of this article.

How do you explain Diwali to a child?

Simply tell the story behind the celebration such as Ramas’ triumph against Ravana using clay lamps and eventually explain why the holiday is associated with lights, which is to fight the darkness.

What is the value of Diwali?

Diwali is not only fun but also valuable due to its religious importance of ensuring light stays victorious in contrast to darkness, particularly when it is widely celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and even some Buddhists.

What are the facts of Diwali?

Common Diwali facts include how it was first traced during the 7th Century from a Sanskrit “Naganada,” how the festival reached The Met, New York in 2015, and how fireworks were mandated by law to be limited only to two hours for health and safety reasons during 2018.

How many diyas light on the second day of Diwali?

Expect to light up 16 tiny diyas on this day.

Why is Diwali celebrated for 5 days?

It is because each of those five days brings significance to praising Lakshmi, Rama, Krishna, and Vamana with days categorized as Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdasi, Lakshmi Puja, Govardhan Puja, and Bhai Dooj.

What do we learn from Diwali?

Diwalis teaches us to do better when it comes to treating people so as not to get consumed by wealth or darkness.

What is the second day of the Diwali celebration called?

The second day of Diwali is called Naraka Chaturdasi aka the day of knowledge.