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Friendship Day may not be as renowned an occasion as Christmas and Thanksgiving, but it’s still special. It’s a celebration that all of us should be excited about because all of us have friends. friendship-day

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Friendship Day Definition & Meaning

Friendship Day is an occasion observed by people in some countries around the world to celebrate all the friendships they built.

Friendship Day, also called Friend’s Day and International Friendship Day, is a day celebrated by some nations to appreciate the joy and value of having dear friends.

When Is Friendship Day?

International Friendship Day is observed and celebrated every year on July 30 as was announced by the United Nations in 2011. However, other countries such as the United States, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and India celebrate it yearly on the first Sunday of August.

Friendship Day History

Friendship Day started as a yearly celebration in 2011. The idea for this celebration was made by Joyce Hall in 1930. Originally, Friendship Day was proposed to be observed every 2nd of August by sending greeting cards, gifts, and other lovable items.

Friendship Day Purpose, Importance

Friendship Day is relatively a new occasion and doesn’t have a deep history compared to other holidays, but it has captured the hearts of people and has become a tradition.

Appreciate Friends

Other than birthdays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, Friendship Day is one of the best days to appreciate all of your friends, which include your best friend, close friends, casual friends, and even your highly-regarded acquaintances. You can also send love to your brothers, sisters, and cousins who are you’re only blood-related friends.

Spend Time with Friends

Friendship Day is a great opportunity to spend time with your friends. So if you have time after work or school, go out with your classmates, workmates, siblings, best friends, and groups. Go to the mall, catch a movie in HD cinemas, watch anime series, play at arcades, or eat in a fancy restaurant. Any fun activity no matter how inexpensive or grand is always a great way to spend time with friends.

Reconnect with Old Friends

All of us have long-time friends who we haven’t talked to for a while. Friendship Day would be an excellent time to reconnect with them. Chat them on Messenger or give them a call with your mobile phone to say “Hi.” If you happen to live in the same town or city as them, try to meet in person and catch up on each other’s lives. Reconnecting with old friends is important because they’re like family.

What’s In Friendship Day?

Many things happen on Friendship Day. People who wholeheartedly celebrate this occasion spend time with friends, create handmade friendship cards, share Happy Friendship Day greetings/wishes on social media, send beautiful gifts to close friends, and more. Additionally, some businesses like restaurants and leisure establishments offer Friendship Day discounts.

How to Create a Friendship Day Social Media Post

If you’re busy at work or school on Friendship Day, you can still celebrate it on social media. That said, we invite you to follow our guide on creating a Friendship Day Social Media post.


1. Select a Friendship Day Facebook Post Template.


Choose from any of our Happy Friendship Day Facebook Post templates. Each of them was designed to look splendid on Facebook timelines. Click the Facebook template of your choice and start customizing it using our Editor tool.

2. Type in your Friendship Day greeting.


The first thing you can do in the Editor tool is to type in your Friendship Day greeting. To do that, go to the Fill panel and customize the Fill Text boxes. Write your short and heartfelt Friendship Day message in those boxes.

3. Upload a photo of you and your friends.


With images of you and your friends, your Facebook post will look livelier. So consider inserting such images. Go to the Uploads panel of our Editor tool and select Photo. Upload an image file with a size of not more than 5MB.

4. Set a different background color.


The background color of your selected template is customizable. So if you want to change it, go to the Background panel and select the Colors section. Select any of the colors available. Click the color of your choice and it’ll immediately apply to the template.

5. Save your Friendship Day Facebook post.


Once you’ve edited and inserted everything, your Friendship Dat Facebook post is ready. Save it for now and post it on Facebook on Friendship Day. Click the three-dotted icon beside the Download button and select Save.


1. Select a Friendship Day Instagram Post Template.


We have a library of high-quality Funny Friendship Day Instagram Post templates for kids, students, and professionals. Our templates have Instagrammable aesthetics and you can customize them using our Editor tool.

2. Add photos of your friends.


Instagram is all about sharing elegant photos. So if you have beautiful photos of yourself and your friends, add them to the post. Open the Uploads panel and click the “Upload your File” button. Upload your photo and drag it to the template. The file size of the image should be 5MB or below.

3. Write your Friendship Day message.


Next, write your Friendship Day message on the template. Simply go to the Fill panel and write your message in the Fill Text boxes. Use the first box to write the introduction and the second box to write the main message. Just keep it short.

4. Add more graphics showing friends.


Your selected template already has graphics, but you can add more if you want. Go to the Graphics panel and type “Friends” on the search bar to find graphics depicting friends being together. Click and drag the graphic of your choice to the template.

5. Save your Friendship Day Instagram post.


Once you’re finished, don’t forget to save your Friendship Day Instagram post. To save it, click the three-dotted icon next to the Download button and select the Save icon.


1. Select a Friendship Day Whatsapp Post Template.


Select any of our beautiful Friendship Day Whatsapp post templates. Each of them has colorful and cute designs that fit the vibe of Friendship Day. Click the Whatsapp template of your choice and proceed to personalize it using our Editor tool.

2.  Input your Friendship Day greeting or message.


Write your Friendship Day greeting or message on the Fill Text boxes. You can find them on the Fill panel. Just keep your greeting/message short and simple so it doesn’t overlap with the graphics.

3. Set up a custom background color.


If you wish to customize the background color, feel free to do so. Head to the Background panel and select the Colors section. The Colors section gives you plenty of choices to choose from as background color. Simply click the color of your choice and the change will reflect immediately.

4. Insert additional graphics.


More friendship graphics can be found in the Editor tool. Go to the Graphics panel and type “Friends” in the search box. You’ll find several beautiful friendship graphics that you can click and drag to the template.

5. Save your Friendship Day Whatsapp post.


Once you’re finished editing and customizing your Friendship Day Whatsapp post, make sure to save it. To do that, click the three-dotted icon located in the upper right corner of the Editor tool and select the Save icon.

Friendship Day vs. Valentine’s Day

Friendship Day is the official day to celebrate friendships of any kind and when people send sweet messages, gifts, and acts of appreciation to their friends.

Valentine’s Day is a yearly occasion that people observe to celebrate the love they share with their loved ones including friends and particularly with their romantic partners.

Friendship Day Facts

Here are some excellent facts about Friendship Day:

  • Friendship Day was first an unofficial holiday where friends would send cards and letters as a gesture of appreciation.
  • Celebrating Friendship Day was originally a simple ploy to sell greeting cards.
  • Friendship Day is celebrated on different dates in some countries.
  • Different versions of Friendship Day exist in other cultures and with different names.
  • The United Nations proclaimed Winnie the Pooh as an international Ambassador of Friendship.
  • Friendship Day can be celebrated not just with best friends but also with workmates, classmates, relatives, and siblings.

Friendship Day Ideas & Examples

Friendship Day is fast approaching and we should be excited, and you can start making your Friendship Day plans so you can just focus on celebrating it when it arrives.

Friendship Day Ideas

These are some of the fun activities you can do on Friendship Day:

  • Send flowers to your female friends.
  • Bake a beautiful Happy Friendship Day cake and share it with your circle of friends.
  • Go on a week-long vacation with your group.
  • Have a movie or cartoon TV show marathon with your best friend.
  • Write or share friendship songs with your closest friends.
  • Have coffee together with your workmates.
  • Make friends with people whom you’re merely acquainted with.
  • Write and create handmade friendship letters with calligraphy.
  • Attend live band concerts with your friends.
  • Play online games with your online friends.
  • Have a virtual live chat session with friends living in other countries, states, or cities.
  • Meet up with an old friend who you haven’t contacted for years.
  • Take your friends out for lunch or dinner.
  • Try doing activities with your friends that you haven’t done before.
  • Try to be friends with people who you’re merely acquainted with.
  • Spend time with your cousins and siblings; they also count as friends.

Friendship Day Examples

We’ve gathered some of our best Friendship Day social media posts, wallpapers, flyers, and posters that you can share with your friends on Friendship Day.

1. Friendship Day Quote Facebook Post


2. Happy Friendship Day Instagram Post


3. Friendship Day Party Whatsapp Post


4. Friendship Day Flyer


5. Friendship Day Business Flyer


6. Friendship Day Poster


7. Friendship Day Desktop Wallpaper


8. Friendship Day iPhone Wallpaper


9. Friendship Day Heart Wallpaper


10. Happy Friendship Day Funny Wallpaper



Which date is Happy Friendship Day?

Friendship Day is officially on July 30 of every year, but some countries celebrate it on the first Sunday of August annually.

When was the first Friendship Day?

The very first celebration of Friendship Day was in 1930 which was organized by Joyce Hall who is the founder of Hallmark Cards.

What do you say on Friendship Day?

On Friendship Day, you can simply say “Happy Friendship Day” as a way of greeting your friends, classmates, and close workmates.

Why is Friendship Day celebrated on the first Sunday of August?

It’s celebrated on the first Sunday of August because that was the original plan of Joyce Hall (creator of Friendship Day) when people send friendship cards to their closest friends.

Which country celebrates Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August?

The countries that celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August are the United States, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and India.

What is a symbol of friendship?

There are plenty of symbols for friendship but the most popular and more modern one is the symbol of two interlocking hearts.

How do you celebrate Friendship Day?

The best way to celebrate Friendship Day is to spend time with your friends and do fun activities together.

Who invented Friendship Day?

The inventor of Friendship Day is Joyce Hall who is also the founder of Hallmark Cards.

What happens on Friendship Day?

On Friendship Day, many groups of friends will be hanging out together, sharing beautiful Friendship Day messages, and doing activities that strengthen their bond.

What is special about Friendship Day?

What makes Friendship Day special is that it celebrates all kinds of friendships such as the friendship between individuals, groups of people, cultures, and countries.

What do you write on a Friendship Day card?

On a Friendship Day card, you should write a heartfelt message about how much you value and appreciate a certain friend in your life.

What is friendship Valentine’s Day?

Friendship Valentine’s Day is a variant of the typical Valentine’s Day that focuses on the love and bond between friends, including platonic relationships between male and female individuals.