National Doctors Day

National Doctors Day lives true to its purpose as a yearly celebration to show appreciation and express thankful wishes to the many doctors, physicians, and medical experts who save countless lives daily. As this holiday soon approaches, let’s dissect the true meaning of this event and why it’s been observed even on an international scale. national-doctors-day

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National Doctors Day Definition and Meaning

National Doctors Day is a special holiday to commend every doctor, nurse, physician, surgeon, or any medical professional for their continuous care, dedication, and contribution to improving people’s health.

National Doctors Day also recognizes the very first surgery with ether anesthesia performed by Crawford W. Long, M.D. way back in 1842.

When Is National Doctors Day?

National Doctors Day occurs every March 30. And it marks the same date where Crawford W. Long, M.D. performed the first ever surgery with ether anesthesia back on March 30, 1842.

National Doctors Day History

Indeed, National Doctors Day’s date was associated with the earliest ether anesthetic surgery to remove a tumor from the neck on March 30, 1842. But the holiday itself was actually first observed on March 30, 1933, specifically in Winder, Georgia. It was Eudora Brown Almond, aka Dr. Charles B. Almond’s loving wife, who initiated to observe a holiday meant for valuing doctors. Then on February 21, 1991, President George Bush eventually declared National Doctors Day as a holiday.

National Doctors Day Purpose, Importance

Doctors have continuously contributed to saving lives and helping society prosper as well. So why should you care about National Doctors Day, you might ask? These are the top reasons to celebrate this important holiday for physicians:

Doctors’ Contributions to Our Health

From everyday illnesses, and serious physical pain, down to mental problems, doctors help us get back our strength. Without them, many people may not be lucky to live long. And physicians deserve all the love from their patients after all the effort and resilience they gave to keep us healthy and alive. So every National Doctors Day, think about the doctors’ contribution to our overall health.

Historical Value and Innovation Led by Doctors

As mentioned in the National Doctors Day History of this article, the concept of National Doctors Day can be traced back to 1842, 1933, and 1991. And it’s important to remember these dates and other contributions led by medical professionals every year during the holiday. Thanks to these historical events, technological advancement and innovation in medicine continue to be developed; thus, expect more effective solutions to health problems.

Doctor-Themed Parties

Besides thanking physicians and commemorating the historical value of National Doctors Day, don’t forget the fact that it is a celebration too. Doctor-themed parties dominate in this fun holiday such as surprising your personal doctor with a fabulous gift, dressing up as doctors for the celebration, or watching TV shows related to doctors such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. Be creative about how you want to spend your time during this holiday.

What’s on National Doctors Day?

Since 1933, sending a greeting card to a doctor and placing red carnation flowers on the headstone of dead physicians are practiced to observe National Doctors Day. It then led to having red carnation flowers as the official flower symbol of the holiday. Fast forward to today, you can commemorate doctors through a verbal message of thanks, a gift, or a compelling social media post.

How to Create a National Doctors Day Social Media Post

Get inspiration from stellar social media post templates to jumpstart the upcoming holiday. And these are the only steps you need to make a brilliant National Doctors Day social media post:


1. Download a free National Doctors Day Facebook post template.


First things first, visit Search for a collection of National Doctors Day templates or simply Doctors’ Day templates. And if you need to post it specifically on Facebook, select the template in Facebook post format and choose “Edit This Template FREE.”

2. Insert a National Doctors Day message.


Inside the Editor tool, select the “Fill” option on your left side. A set of text boxes would appear and each box allows you to write a message. Type anything such as a National Doctors Day greeting, the name of the doctor’s foundation or association you want to address, the holiday schedule, and even quotes about doctors.

3. Design the post with cool graphics.


Head to “Graphics” from the Editor tool and you should be able to insert visuals into the Facebook post. Decide whether you like to incorporate a Doctors Day clipart, a doctor-themed vector image, or even graphic memes that can be used as a joke on National Doctors Day. Don’t forget to adjust the graphics’ measurements while designing.

4. Add a logo, background, table, or any other object to upload.


Whether you need to add a hospital logo, a medical school background, a pink background color, or even a happy birthday sign for a doctor whose birth date also falls on March 30, make sure to utilize the rest of the editable features. These options include the “Background,” “Logo,” “Table,” and “Upload.” Just remember to mind the appearance of the whole template so that any object added actually looks pleasant rather than jarring to look at.

5. Be sure to save the file at the end.


When you are done designing the template, head to the upper part of your screen. Click the three dots and then choose “Save.” Your work will be saved and you can move to Facebook to publish the post.


1. Optimize a customizable National Doctors Day Instagram post template.


Search for your preferred template that is related to the theme which is National Doctors Day on Click the template in an Instagram post format. Then, take the template to the Editor tool to finish the rest of the steps.

2. Input the National Doctors Day message.


Tap “Fill” from the left corner and select any message box on your screen. Use your keyboard to type your holiday message may it be a National Doctors Day poem, a thankful message for the doctors bureau, or the full agenda of a Doctors Day party you might be organizing. Keep your message concise and easy to understand.

3. Get creative with graphic elements.


Pick “Graphics” on the left menu to begin inserting visual elements into the Instagram post. Examples include a doctor’s sign, a doctor’s app badge sticker, a photo of a doctor crowned as a hero during the pandemic, and other types of doctor-centered decorations. Make sure every object you add pays off.

4. Don’t forget to set the background.


Click “Background” from the Editor’s menu and begin to decide how the backdrop should appear. You may change the background color or simply choose an image as wallpaper. Backgrounds can be a group of doctors smiling, a set of medical equipment or treatment, and even a hospital drawing.

5. Save your entire progress.


Never forget to save your work once you are through. Then, open your Instagram account to prepare your post as National Doctors Day comes soon. Use the appropriate hashtags to make it visible to more people.


1. Use a downloadable National Doctors Day WhatsApp post template.


Visit and view the collection of National Doctors Day templates. Look for a template that is compatible with a WhatsApp post and click it. Next, hit “Edit This Template FREE.”

2. Practice writing on the text boxes.


The first system you should familiarize yourself with the Editor tool would be the “Text” and “Fill” buttons. These are responsible to help you write your message on the WhatsApp post template. Then, adjust the text sizes and placements after typing to manipulate the template.

3. Put effort into the graphics.


A National Doctors Day WhatsApp post isn’t complete without pictures. Tap “Graphics” and you may add as many images as you want including stickers, emoticons, and more. Mind how they appear in the template afterward.

4. Incorporate a creative background.


Press “Background” on the left corner. Next, choose from any of the colors available to set a wallpaper color. The other option is to use an image as the backdrop as long as it looks impressive for your WhatsApp post.

5. Preserve your whole work and go to WhatsApp.


Last but not least, save everything. Simply tap “…” from the top right and click “Save.” You know what to do next when you publish that on WhatsApp.

National Doctors Day Facts

One of the best ways to prepare and be inspired during National Doctors Day is to be reminded of the interesting facts and reports related to all sorts of doctors. Here are some National Doctors Day facts that you may not know about yet:

  • In 1849, the very first female doctor to be recognized was Elizabeth Blackwell; she graduated with a degree in medicine from Geneva Medical College.
  • According to the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), around 1,018,776 physicians with 1,442,454 licenses belong to the medical practice in the US alone.
  • The standard number of hours a doctor works in a week is around 60 hours.
  • 82% of doctors are in a serious relationship yet doctors only have at least one to three close friends.
  • Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong is dubbed the richest doctor around the globe with a net worth of $12 billion.

National Doctors Day vs. World Heart Day

National Doctors Day is an annual event where all types of doctors are celebrated for their undying service and this commemoration occurs every March 30.

World Heart Day is a yearly event that brings awareness for everyone to take good care of their heart and overall health and this holiday is observed every September 29.

National Doctors Day Ideas & Examples

Don’t feel left out during National Doctors Day because now that you know what the holiday really means, celebrating it should not be that difficult. And it even gets easier when you observe these highly recommended National Doctors Day ideas and examples to prep for the upcoming event:

National Doctors Day Ideas

When was the last time you considered consulting a doctor for a checkup? Even if you don’t feel sick, regular checkups from doctors are one of the essential things to do during the holiday. Besides that, try out these National Doctors Day ideas to get started:

  • Post about the holiday online with the hashtag #NationalDoctorsDay or #DoctorsDay.
  • Give a phone call, chat, or visit your personal doctor and thank her/him/them for keeping you well and healthy.
  • Surprise fellow doctors with gifts, particularly with a carnation flower to symbolize the holiday.
  • Get a doctor’s appointment on this day and be thankful to your doctor during the visit.
  • Organize a National Doctors Day party where physicians are invited and honored during the event.
  • Consider a Grey’s Anatomy marathon or any other doctor-related movie or TV series to commemorate this day.
  • Come up with a poem, comic magazine, sketch, or any creative output related to National Doctors Day.
  • Research on the many contributions of pediatric, nursing, orthopedic, and other medical studies.
  • Attend a National Doctors Day event, especially where a doctor shares a personal experience about what it’s like to be a physician in front of an audience.
  • Promise to stay healthy and be watchful of your health to your doctor; that gift alone makes doctors happy knowing that patients really listen to them.

National Doctors Day Examples

From a personal note, poster, flyer, banner, invitation card, greeting card, to a social media post, there are so many tools you can utilize on how to greet or observe a happy National Doctors Day to physicians out there. And you can’t go wrong by including these National Doctors Day examples:

1. Doctors’ Day Greeting Card


2. Doctors’ Day Twitter Post


3. Doctors’ Day Pinterest Pin


4. Doctors’ Day Tumblr Post


5. Doctors’ Day LinkedIn Post



Why is National Doctors Day celebrated?

National Doctors Day is made to have a special day honoring the many physicians out there, thanks to the various contributions they offer to people and our health.

Who created National Doctors Day?

Eudora Brown Almond made National Doctors Day.

What is the history of National Doctors Day?

Check out the National Doctors Day History of this post for your reference.

How do people celebrate Doctors Day?

Doctors Day is when people send out gifts, greeting cards, and flowers to their doctors as a sign of thanks and appreciation for their hard work.

What do you say on Doctors Day?

A simple “thank you” would suffice but it would be more memorable if you put effort into saying what comes from your heart to your doctor.

Who does National Doctors Day celebrate?

This holiday celebrates their contribution and service to society as well as the anniversary of the first ether anesthetic surgery.

What is the message of National Doctors Day?

National Doctors Day tells us not to overlook the efforts and contributions done by doctors because we wouldn’t live for long without their aid.

How do you thank a doctor on Doctors Day?

You can simply say “thank you” to a doctor in person, send a greeting card, or offer any gift to show your appreciation to the doctor.

What do you do on National Doctors Day?

Refer to the list of National Doctors Day Ideas in this article for your quick reference.

Why is National Doctors Day important?

National Doctors Day is important to remind doctors that we patients actually appreciate their daily services and contributions and that we don’t simply take them for granted when it comes to our health.

What is the theme of National Doctors Day?

The National Doctors Day theme changes every year and the latest one from 2022 is “family doctors on the front line.”

What do you write on a Doctor’s Day card?

Address the name of your doctor to make it personal, make sure the “Happy Doctor’s Day” greeting is present, express your message of thanks to the doctor, insert a personal message or a memory you had with the doctor that you won’t forget, and don’t forget your name so the doctor knows who you are.

Why is 30th March celebrated as National Doctors Day?

March 30 is the date the first ether anesthetic surgery was performed and also the date Eudora Brown Almond chose as National Doctors Day.