National Volunteer Month

National Volunteer Month is a meaningful time to celebrate and show our heartfelt appreciation and sincerity to those people who volunteer for our community. This month is made to honor volunteers who create valuable contributions to society and encourage other people to become volunteers and offer their service to those in need. As one of the holidays in both Canada and the U.S., this event is important to acknowledge and express gratitude to the kind-hearted volunteers.  national-volunteer-month

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National Volunteer Month Definition & Meaning

National Volunteer Month is a popular online shopping event established to encourage consumers to shop online as businesses offer large discounts, promotions, and other special deals.

National Volunteer Month is the biggest day for online sales because most people prefer to shop and cash in on some great promos and deals in a convenient and hassle-free way.

When Is National Volunteer Month?

National Volunteer Month happens in the whole month of April every year. On the other hand, Volunteer Week takes place on April 18-24, 2022. It was first held as an extension to the National Volunteer Week in 1943 in Canada and later on, it is officially established worldwide in 1990.

National Volunteer Month Purpose, Importance

Why is National Volunteer Month celebrated in Canada, the United States, and many countries worldwide? It has a historical significance along with the National Volunteer Week as it pays tribute to the unwavering contributions of women during World War II, being the ones who collected supplies and assisted the wounded soldiers. Additionally, this event inspires many groups to set up various humanitarian services like the Red Cross.  

Time to Encourage and Celebrate Volunteerism

This month is a worthwhile time to promote, encourage and celebrate volunteerism in the communities. It helps people to experience sharing and giving to other people in supplying their physical, emotional, material, and spiritual needs. Plus, this holiday brings people together by uniting people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal ad building camaraderie and solid teamwork.

Provides Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Studies have shown that when people focus on someone other than themselves, this will interrupt the common tension-producing patterns in their brains which, in turn, will reduce stress. During this volunteering period, wholesome emotions and moods such as joy, and optimism affect one’s overall health as they strengthen the immune system and fight against chronic diseases. That’s why volunteering is a beneficial method to lower one’s anxiety and stress levels.

Increased Knowledge and Skill Levels

People who volunteer are more likely to increase their knowledge and skill levels as they continue to experience and learn new things. They can discover hidden talents and skills that may significantly change their view of their self-worth. While working with different local non-profit organizations, volunteers learn about the functions of these organizations and they acquire more knowledge about local resources available so that they can solve the needs of the community.

What’s in a National Volunteer Month?

National Volunteer Month is celebrated in April to encourage volunteerism in everyone in the community and help them to show generosity to other people. This event also inspires and provides opportunities for young ones and adults to engage in volunteering work while filling crucial gaps in service. During this month, many people sign up for volunteering, plan some activities for volunteers, and celebrate this holiday on social media.

How to Create a National Volunteer Month Social Media Post

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1. Download a customizable National Volunteer Month Facebook Post Template.


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2. Write a motivational quote or message.


Select the “Fill” option from the menu of the Editor tool. Add the text box to write a motivational quote for the National Volunteer Month post on your social media. This will entice the public to be interested in joining various volunteering activities.

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1. Select an editable National Volunteer Month Instagram Post Template.


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National Volunteer Month Facts

National Volunteer Month is one of the most life-satisfying and worthwhile events in many countries worldwide. Here are some fun facts about this annual event:

  • National Volunteer Month started in 1943 in Canada.
  • It was first used to commemorate the efforts and sacrifices that many women put into assisting wounded soldiers and collecting supplies during World War II.
  • This event first began as National Volunteer Week and it was introduced again to the general public after the war in the United States in 1974.
  • Richard Nixon first established National Volunteer Month on April 20, 1974, via Presidential Proclamation 4288.
  • This month provides benefits to the people such as helping them to have confidence, meet new people, learn new skills, gain a sense of purpose, increase their social skills, improve their self-esteem, teach them valuable life skills and attain job opportunities.

National Volunteer Month vs. National Vaccination Day

National Volunteer Month is a global annual event celebrated in April that gives appreciation and recognition to volunteers, as well as encourages others to become donors and volunteers while sharing their skills, and services to their communities.

National Vaccination Day is an annual event observed on March 16 to highlight the importance of vaccination and its significance in public health, and to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices of the frontline health care workers. 

National Volunteer Month Ideas & Examples

If you are currently planning for the celebration of National Volunteer Month, we include several ideas and examples here to help you and your volunteering team in preparation for this annual event to encourage and invite the public to do some volunteering activities and give honor to our hardworking volunteers.

National Volunteer Month Ideas 

Are you having a hard time thinking about what you and your team will do to celebrate National Volunteer Month? In this section, we provide National Volunteer Month ideas that you can do with your team:

  • Offer childcare for a parent’s night out.
  • Work in a community garden or park.
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter.
  • Serve a delicious and wholesome meal at a local homeless shelter.
  • Participate in a fundraising event such as a 5k run.
  • Visit the elderly who are homebound or in a nursing home.
  • Host a movie night, and sell tickets and concessions to support a local nonprofit organization.
  • Write motivational letters or draw pictures and send them to people in a nearby senior center.
  • Organize a volunteer appreciation event and give memorable gifts to volunteers.
  • Start a mini concert with your family and friends to donate the proceeds to a good cause.

National Volunteer Month Examples

There are many kinds of National Volunteer Month templates that you can use for celebrating this special event. Use these minimalist National Volunteer Month examples when you design your flyers, and posts for your social media pages:

1. National Volunteer Month Flyer Template


2. National Volunteer Month Facebook Cover Template


3. National Volunteer Month Linkedin Post Template


4. National Volunteer Month Instagram Story Template


5. National Volunteer Month WhatsApp Post Template



Why is National Volunteer Month celebrated?

National Volunteer Month is celebrated to give recognition and honor to all the volunteers in the communities and inspire more people to engage in volunteering activities throughout the month.

Who started National Volunteer Month?

National Volunteer Month is established by President George H.W. Bush.

How do you celebrate National Volunteer Month?

There are numerous ways that you can do to celebrate National Volunteer Month such as giving thanks to a volunteer, volunteering to a charity or non-profit organization, offering your skill or talent to benefit a foundation, and using #NationalVolunteerMonth to share on social media.

Why is it important to volunteer?

Volunteering is important because it provides many benefits to both mental and physical health such as increased self-confidence, combating depression, helping you to maintain good physical health while lowering symptoms of chronic pain or heart disease, making you feel happy, obtaining experience in your area of interest, and bringing fun and fulfillment to your life.

How does volunteering help the community?

Volunteering is beneficial to the community to help others by providing your time and abilities to aid the needy.

What is the significance of National Volunteer Month?

The significance of National Volunteer Month is to celebrate people who are eager to help and strengthen other people by offering their skills and talents through volunteering in their communities.

What do you say about National Volunteer Month?

You can say a lot of thanks to all the volunteers during National Volunteer Month and show them deep appreciation and gratitude for their heartfelt work and self-sacrificing spirit.

What is the message of National Volunteer Month?

The message of National Volunteer Month is to encourage people of all ages in their community to provide valuable support to underprivileged individuals and low-income families in times of need and crisis.

What do you do on National Volunteer Month?

During National Volunteer Month, volunteers can plan a fundraising event with their family and friends, post volunteer events on social media, give a free concert at the local children’s hospital or nursing home, donate preloved items to low-income families in the community, and many others.

What are the activities of volunteering?

Some popular volunteering activities are collecting and donating school supplies, offering dog-walking services, mowing your neighbor’s lawn, being a language translator at parent-teacher conferences, babysitting during PTA meetings, fostering a shelter animal, taking and donating photos during community events, giving free music lessons, coaching a youth sports team, and cleaning up your local park.

What is the theme of National Volunteer Month?

For 2022, the theme of National Volunteer Month is “Volunteering is Empathy in Action” as it focuses on the strong connection between empathy and volunteering.

How do you show appreciation to a volunteer?

Show your deep appreciation to volunteers by giving them thoughtful gifts, filming a “thank you” video, planning a night out, hosting a volunteer appreciation gala, sending uplifting letters from the community, and getting them personalized merchandise. 

What do you write on a volunteer appreciation card?

Write some motivational quotes and words of encouragement on a volunteer appreciation card such as describing their good qualities and highlighting how their volunteering immensely helps others.