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8+ Quality Agreement Templates – PDF, DOC

Quality is a thing that is needed in every tangible thing present and everything we are set to own. People would always want to go back to a high-quality product, while the low-quality ones get rejected at first sight. Quality is the one factor we should first consider before spending money on something that might be potentially worthless. You may also like operating agreement templates.

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Business owners enter into an agreement sample that ensures the quality of the materials provided for their businesses. The quality agreement is an important document that serves a lot of benefits in the long run.

Manufacturer’s Quality Agreement Template

Sub Contractor Quality Agreement

Quality Agreement between Supplier and Client

What is a Quality Agreement?

A quality agreement is a document that defines specific quality parameters for a project and which party is responsible for carrying out these tasks. It varies in detail, depending on the development of the project. Areas of the product that can be affected such as its identity, purity, safety, and potency should be addressed in the agreement. Moreover, aspects that can affect the compliance status of both parties should be included as well. You may also like work agreement templates.

In quality agreements, responsibilities of both parties (giver and receiver) are identified and clarified. The cost aspects of the project are also included to save time and money in the long run. What is not included are the delivery terms, general business terms, and conditions, liability limitations and pricing since these fall on the supply agreement. You may also like free sample agreement templates.

A quality agreement is still needed despite the geographical location of the two parties involved. It is also recommended for vendors supplying large quantities of supplies. The agreement should be mutually accepted by both parties. This can be prepared by anyone who wants to ensure a quality of the supplies given and received. You may also like rental agreement templates.

Supplier Quality Agreement

General Quality Agreement with Supplier

Quality Agreement in DOC

Elements of a Quality Agreement

A quality agreement has many elements. These elements are helpful in making the agreement credible and powerful in its own right. Here are the following:

1. Documentation

The original documentation should be kept. It also includes the things required when the material is received. Before sending out the material, check and review its records for security purposes. You may also like printable lease agreement templates.

2. Change Control

Changes are inevitable. You have to give your approval before any changes can be made. Have a timeline for the notification and execution of changes as well. You may also like printable agreement templates.

3. Responsibility Matrix

This is a clear table that breaks down the responsibilities of the two parties in the agreement. Everything in it should be comprehensive and complete. The two parties should fully agree to it. You may also see simple agreement templates.

4. Contact Person

A list of contact persons is included in the agreement. Some issues may arise while the agreement is effective. This should also be updated in case the specific person is going away or dealing with other matters.

5. Material Inspection, Testing, and Release

The material is bound to be released in the end but first, it needs to be inspected and tested. This screens the materials for quality before going out to the public. Someone should approve and release new materials, package components, and the finished product. Both companies should also have the same level of acceptable quality limits and defect classifications. You may also like sample agreement templates.

6. Labeling Controls

Be clear on who approves the artwork and releases the labels of the products. Assign someone who has high organizational skills and sharp memory.

7. Rejected Materials

Some materials just do not make it. That is part of the process. Not everything goes out and those materials left behind should be dealt accordingly. In this part, physical segregation of the product is done and in-process rejects are also handled. You may also see business agreement templates.

8. Complaint Handling

Complaints can’t be avoided. It comes in a flood when you least expect it and it is hard to handle them all at once. Find people who will be responsible for handling these complaints and those who will keep the complaint files. Set a time frame for reporting and adverse event reporting of the complaints. Keep track of which ones were addressed.

Customer Quality Agreement Template

Quality Assurance Agreement

9. Dispute Resolution

Disagreements will surely come along the way. We are not sure when and how it would unfold. Make an escalation process in case this happens. Make sure that both parties will get to settle whatever issue they have with the agreement. You may also see employee agreement templates.

10. Annual Product Review

On a yearly basis, have your product reviewed to see if it passes the quality standards. Data is collected and presented very well. There is also a time frame for providing data for the review. You may also like free printable agreements.

11. Product Recall

Products which are discovered to be low in quality after it got sent out are recalled in stores. Agencies should be notified in this case.

12. Record Retention

Every business has a mountain of records to keep for future references. In the agreement, state who should keep the records and how it will be stored. Make sure to keep the originals. It should be the top priority. Set a time frame that is required for storing records. In case of electronic records, make sure to secure a backup copy or create a separate folder for it on the computer. Make copies and store them on hard drives for safekeeping purposes. You may also like printable agreement samples.

13. Product Reworking

Some products need to be repaired when damages are found. This is to ensure its quality and to improve some things that have been overlooked. Before jumping into the reworking process, try to see if it is permitted for the product. Try to take a look if the other areas of the product will not be affected once you start reworking. Determine how it would be documented as well, and if there is approval of the reworking before the supplier moves forward. You may also like agreement forms in PDF.

Supplier Quality Agreement Acknowledgement

14. Specifications

The specifications of the product are established in the agreement. If there is notification in the changes of the specifications, there should be a list of requirements that justify the said change. You may also see agreement form samples.

15. Retention Samples

Some products are left behind for retention samples. Determine which ones stay and how the samples will be collected. you may also like free agreement forms.

Quality should be our primary concern when availing any product. Businesses ensure this through the quality agreement. While some issues may come along the way, quality remains to be the top priority of every company. You may also like agreement letter templates.

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